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Amendment 1

Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition

Amendment 2

Right to bear arms

Amendment 3

No quartering of soldiers

Amendment 4

Prohibits unreasonable search and seizure

Amendment 5

Rights of the accused, no self-incrimination, "due-process" clause

Amendment 6

Right to a speedy and public trial

Amendment 7

Right to sue with a jury in civil cases

Amendment 8

No Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Amendment 9

People's rights are not limited to those in the Constitution.

Amendment 10

State's rights are not limited to those in the Constitution

Amendment 11

Limits on suits against states

Amendment 12

Revision of electoral college

Amendment 13

Prohibits slavery

Amendment 14

Ex-slaves are made citizens, "equal protection" clause, "due-process" applied to states

Amendment 15

African-Americans allowed to vote

Amendment 16

Authorizes federal income tax

Amendment 17

Requires popular election of senators

Amendment 18

Prohibition (of alcohol)

Amendment 19

Women's right to vote

Amendment 20

Federal terms of office begin in January, Congress meets at least once a year, Emergency Presidential succession

Amendment 21

Repeals Prohibition

Amendment 22

Two-term limit for Presidents

Amendment 23

Right to vote for president in DC

Amendment 24

Prohibits poll tax in federal elections

Amendment 25

Presidential succession

Amendment 26

Voting age lowered to 18

Amendment 27

Congress salaries

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