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The flow of negatively charged particles through matters is also known as ___.


Materials in which electrons move freely are called


The pressure of electrons in a wire is called ___.

Direct Current

___ current allows electrons to flow in one direction around continuous circuits.

Alternative Current

___ current allows electrons to flow in alternate directions back and forth in a circuit.

Power Supply

The ___ in a computer converts AC power to DC.


The power supply connects to the power cord via a standard ___ connector.

Hot and Neutral

The IEC-320 plug has three holes: the ___, the ___ and the ground.


a ___ is used to test AC outlets.


The ___ wire helps excess electricity to return safely to the ground.


a ___ is also called a volt-ohm meter.


The ___ test by a multimeter checks whether electrons can flow from one end of the wire to the other.

Surge Supressor

A ___ is used to protect the computer from frequent power dips or power outages

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

A ___ will provide conditioned AC by filtering out noise and will also protect against power dips.

Watts and Volt-amps

All Uninterruptible power supplies are measured in __.

Surge Supressor

A ___ is inserted between the power supply and the outlet to protect the system from power surges.


Mini connectors are often called ___ power connectors.


An ___ is the unit of electrical energy.

Sata Drives

L-shaped power connectors are used for ___.


A ___ is used to create more connections to power all the devices in a PC.

20 or 24

Modern Motherboards uses a ___ - or ____ -pin P1 power.


A system you maintain locks up randomly. this is very likely due to ___ powers.

Turned On

In order to check power supply voltages, the power supply must be ____.


When traveling to Europe, a user should check the __ switch before plugging in a PC.


Every device in a PC requires a certain amount of ___ to function, derived from the amount of amps and volts it needs.


Modern ATX12V power supplies add the ___ connector, providing additional 12 volt power.

Power Supply Fan

The ___ provides basic cooling for the PC

Case Fan

___ provides extra cooling for key components

Exhaust Fan

The ___ located near the top of the computer case takes air from inside the case and sends it outside.

Slot Covers

____ assist in maintaining proper airflow and keeping the dust and smoke out of the case.


The V ~ sign stands for ___ current.


If a multimeter shows infinite ___ between one end of a wire and the other, then their is no continuity.

Surge Supressors

Two essential devices that handle sags and spikes in the supply of AC are uninterruptible power supplies and ___.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

A ___ has a power-conditioning feature.


___ is the amount of electrons moving past a certain point on a wire.


The amount of amps and volts needed by a particular device to perform its function is expressed in ___

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