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Smoking cessation and Weight loss acupuncture

what ear point reinforces spleen and promotes digestion
what treats overeating (ear point)
endocrine point
what ear point moves liver qi, aids in metabolism
what is a good ear point for someone who eats after they are full
what ear point treats the physical craving for food
adrenal and ovary
what point treats weight gain due to menopause and pms
what ear point treats slow metabolism
4 gates
what points circulate energy thruout the body, for weight
sp 6
what point can you moxa to treat sugar cravings
Shen men, Liver, Kidney, adrenal, Left: lung
ear points for NADA protocol
Tee mee (1/2way between lu 7 and li 5) and Pok's point: proximal phlangeal of big toe.
other points for smoking cessation