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Chapter 12: The North

The North

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Industrial Revolution
period beginning in mid 1700s of rapid growth in using machines for manufacturing and production
cloth items; textile industry was first to be affected by the Industrial Revolution
Richard Arkwright
invented the water frame, a large spinning machine
Samuel Slater
skilled British Mechanic who immigrated to the U. S. after carefully memorizing the designs of the textile mill machines.
tools used to produce more items or do work.
Eli Whitney
American Inventor whose cotton gin changed cotton harvesting procedures and enabled large increases in cotton production; he introduced the technology of mass production through the development of interchangeable parts in gun making.
Interchangeable Parts
parts of a machine that are identical
Mass Production
efficient production of large numbers of identical goods
Rhode Island System
Slater's strategy of hiring families and dividing factory work into simple tasks became known as this.
Francis Cabot Lowell
New England businessman who developed a working system very different from the Rhode Island System
Lowell System
based on water powered textile mills that employed young unmarried women from local farms.
Trade Unions
groups that tried to improve pay and working conditions
what labor unions called protests
Sarah G. Bagley
founded the Lowell Female labor Reform Association in 1844 and publicized the struggles of factory laborers. Helped establish a 10 hour work week.
Transportation Revolution
period of rapid growth in the speed and convenience of travel because of new methods of transportation.
Robert Fulton
Tested his first steamboat design in France.
first full sized commercial steamboat.
Gibbons v. Ogden
Which reached the Supreme Court in 1824, the court reinforced the federal governments authority to regulate trade between the states by ending monopolistic control over waterways in several states.
Peter Cooper
built a small, but powerful locomotive called the "Tom Thumb".
Samuel F. B. Morse
perfected the telegraph.
device that could send information over wires across great distances.
Morse Code
Different combinations of dots and dashes that represent each letter of the Alphabet.
John Deere
invented the Steel Plow.
Cyrus McCormick
invented the Mechanical Reaper.
Elias Howe/Isaac Singer
invented the Sewing machine/ Improved Howe's design.

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