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  1. Duchy of Warsaw. (Poland); also received Finland
  2. Absolute monarchy
  3. Treaty of Adrianople
  4. All territory conquered by Napoléon.
  5. Holy Alliance
  1. a Alliance of Russia, Austria, and Prussia to safeguard the principles of Christianity and maintain the international status quo after the Napoleonic Wars. Formed by Alexander I
  2. b Metternich believed in what form of government?
  3. c Russia was given most of this territory by the Congress of Vienna
  4. d Agreement that gave Greece its independence. The Ottoman Turks agreed to submit to the terms offered by England, France, and Russia
  5. e France was denied this by the Congress of Vienna

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  1. Who suppressed freedom of speech and press in Austria and set up a secret police system to spy on revolutionary organizations and individuals
  2. He represented England in the Congress of Vienna. He sought a balance of power by surrounding France with larger and stronger states.
  3. How much of an indemnity did France have to pay.
  4. A political ideology that emphasizes the civil rights of citizens, representative government, and the protection of private property.
  5. Austria's foreign minister, a prince, who helped orchestrate Austria's role in Europe via the Congress of Vienna and "architect"
    of the Congress.

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  1. Switzerland agreed to remain neutralWhat happened to Norway and Sweden as a result of the Congress of Vienna?


  2. Hanover was enlarged, and made a kingdomWhat happened to Hanover as a result of the Congress of Vienna?


  3. Cape Colony, South Africa, and various other colonies in Africa and Asia.Prussia was given these territories by the Congress of Vienna


  4. Quadruple AllianceOrganization, made up of Austria, Britain, Prussia, and Russia, to preserve the peace settlement of 1815; France joined in 1818.


  5. Louis XVIIIPrinciple by which monarchies that had been unseated by the French Revolution or Napoleon were restored