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William James was a prominent American whose interest in pragmatic philosophy led him to an approach emphasizing cause and effect, which eventually came to be named


With which school of psychology is Wilhelm Wundt associated?


According to the definition of psychology, which of the following is NOT a behavior?

Being overweight

Dr. Wade excitedly explains that the difference between a male and a female is apparent in the structure and function of the brain. She is so pleased that you have asked about her research that she eagerly shares slides of PET scans which support her hypothesis. Dr. Wade's specialty is


Joaquin has been assigned a primary research project in his psychology class. He is to observe student behavior during a learning task and attempt to form a/an _____. In order to do this, he must be able to describe principles and events and how they may be related.


Allie has developed a theory concerning test grades. She believes that there is a relationship
between her frequency of study and the resulting grade. In order to test her theory, she has to
design a(n)


"The problem with drinking coffee in the evening," complained Saundra, "is that it interferes with my ability to fall asleep. My mind keeps racing, but my body is so tired!" Saundra recognizes _____ between caffeine intake and sleep.

The negative correlation

In scientific research, the group which receives treatment is called the

Experimental group

What does the size of a correlation coefficient indicate?

The strength of the relationship

What does the positive or negative sign of a correlation coefficient indicate?

The direction of the relationship

A researcher predicted that talking to plants enhances their growth. She gave 24 plants the same amount of food, water and sunlight. She talked to 12 of the plants daily for 6 weeks. In this experiment, what is the independent variable?


The mode of a distribution of scores refers to the

Most common score

If you were a neurologist and wanted to study a patient who presented with symptoms of bipolar disorder consisting of alternating episodes of mania and depression, which of the neurotransmitters might you first examine?


The lecture you were listening to is over. The bell that rang in the hall signaled the end of class. You get up out of your seat, pick up your things and walk out the classroom door. Which kind of nerves sent the signals from your brain to initiate your physical movements?


Which part of the peripheral nervous system would be particularly important to a backpacker being chased by a bear?


Within the limbic system, the amygdala plays a key role in _____ and the hippocampus plays a key role in ______.

Aggression; memory

Mabel just brought her newborn baby home from the hospital. Family, friends and neighbors all came to visit. At first, every time the doorbell rang, the baby cried. But after a few days with the doorbell ringing often, the infant no longer cried at the sound. Based on the discussion of physical development in childhood in your textbook, what could likely be the reason for this?

Habituation has occurred

If 30-year-old Peter is unsure of what he should do with his life and where he fits in, Erikson would most likely agree that Peter did not successfully complete

Identity vs. identity confusion

You tried to play peek-a-boo with your 6 month old infant, but whenever you hid your face, he would cry. You try it again three months later and now he laughs and enjoys the game, trying to uncover your face with his hands. Your baby has now developed

Object permanence

In which stage of cognitive development does the child coordinate sensations and motor movements?


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