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Identify A:


Identify B


Identify C:


Identify D

Ciliary Body

Identify E:

Ciliary Process

Identify D:

Ciliary Muscle

Identify E:


Identify F:

Macula Lutea

Identify H

Optic Disc

Identify G: (Blind spot)

Anterior Chamber

Identify J:(contains aqeous humor)

Posterior Chamber

Identify I:

Aqueous humor

Fluid located in A: the limpid fluid within the eyeball between the cornea and the lens

Canal of Schlemm

Identify C:


Identify L

Suspensory Ligaments

Identify K:

Rod Cell (photoreceptor)

Identify A:

Cone Cells

Identify B:

Bipolar Neurons

Identify D: (Special Neurons)

Ganglion Neurons

Identify E:

Horizontal Cells

Identify C:

Lacrimal Gland

Identify A:

Lacrimal Gland

Identify A

Lacrimal Duct

Identify B:

Lacrimal Canal

Identify C:

Lacrimal Sac

Identify D:

Circular Muscle (Pupillary Constrictor)

Identify A:

Radial (Pupillary dilator) muscle

Identify B:

Ora Serrata

Identify A:


Identify B:

Posterior Chamber

Identify C: between the lens and retina and contains vitreous humor

Vitreous humor

the clear colorless transparent jelly that fills the posterior cavity of the eyeball

optic nerve

Identify C:


Identify D:

bulbar conjunctiva

Identify B:

palpabral conjunctiva

Identify A:

extrinsic eye muscles

Muscles that control the movement of the eye, Six muscles attach to the outer surface of the eye;Produce eye movements


muscles located inside the eyeball itself; includes the iris and cillary body

nasolacrimal duct

a duct that carries tears from the lacrimal sac to the nasal cavity

Anterior Posterior

The Iris divides the _______________ and the ____________ chambers

Anterior Posterior

The Lens divides the _____________ and the ____________ cavity

Aqueous Humor

Identify Fluid located in A:

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