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task pane

separate window that enables users to carry out some Excel tasks more efficiently

Task Pane command

you can display or hide a task pane by clicking the ______

View menu

you can display or hide a task pane by clicking the Task pane command on the _________


excel starts with a blank _______


inside the workbook are sheets called _________

sheet tab

each sheet namedisplays on a_______

column heading

A column letter above the grid, also called the ________

row heading

a row on the left side of the grid, also called the ________


a basic unit of a worksheet

cell reference

a cell is referred to by its unique adress

active cell

one cell on the worksheet, designated the ________, is the one which you can enter data

Name box

Firs, a heavy border surrounds the cell; second, the active cell reference displays immediately above column A in the _______


horizontal and vertical lines on the worksheet itself are called _________

block plus sign

the mouse pointer displays a _____ whenever it is located in a cell on the worksheet

block arrow

the mouse pointer turns into the ________ whenever you move it outside

worksheet window

you view the portion of the worksheet displayed on the screen through a ________

scroll bars, scroll arrows, scroll boxes

below and to the right of the worksheet window are

tab split box

to the right of the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen is the

menu bar

a special toolbar that includes the menu names

menu name

represents a menu of commands that you can use to retrieve store and print and manipulate data on the worksheet


list of commands


a _____ displays from which you can choose a command

short menu

_____displays listing the most reently used commands

full menu

______lists all the commands associated with a menu

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