GB 212 - Financial Ratios


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Current Ratio
Current Assets/Current Liablities
Quick Ratio
Cash + Short-term Investments + A/R/ Current Liablities
Gross Profit
Includes only COGS
Operating Profit
Selling and General Administrative
Return on Assets
Net Income/ Average Total Assets
Return on Equity
Net Income/ Shareholder's Equity
Profit Margin
NI/ Sales
Inventory Turnover
Cogs/ Inventory
Days sales Outstanding
(AR *365)/ Sales
Debt to Equity
Total Liabilities/ Total Equity
Market to Book
Market Value/ Book Value
Market Debt to Equity
Market Value Debt/ Market Value Equity
Quic Ratio (Acid)
(Cash + Short term Investments + AR)/Current Liabilities
EPS Earnings Per Share
NI/ # Shares Outstanding
P/E Price Earnings
Stock Price/ EPS
Return on Assets ROA
NI/ Assets
Total Asset Turnover
Sales/ Assets
Times Interest Earned (Interest Coverage)
EBIT/ Interest Expense
A/P Days
AP * 365/ COGS
Enterprise Value/ EBITDA
Cash Conversion Cycle
AR Days + INV Days- AP Days
Free Cash Flows
FCF= EBIT* (1-tax%)+ depr + ammort- Capital Expenditure