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Anatomy Lab Questions

Blood from the left subclavian artery flows into what vessels as it moves toward the left arm?
Left axillary artery
Blood in the radial artery comes from what blood vessel?
What is the name of the outermost later of a blood vessel?
Tunic externa
What type of blood vessels have valves?
Blood from the common carotid artery next travels to what two vessels?
External/Internal carotid arterys
Blood from the right brachial artery travels to what two vessels?
Radial/ Ulnar
Where does blood flow in the right subclavian artery come from?
The internal carotid artery takes blood to what organ?
From what blood vessel does the descending aorta get blood?
Aortic arch
What is the general name of a large vessel that takes blood away from the heart?
The left common carotid artery receives blood from what vessel?
Aortic arch
Name three blood vessels that exit from the aortic arch.
Brachiocephalic, Left common carotid artery, Left subclavian artery.
Blood from the popliteal artery comes directly from what artery?
Femoral Artery
Blood from the celiac artery flows into three different blood vessels. What are these vessels?
Splenic Artery
Left Gastric Artery
Common Hepatic Artery
In what part of the arterial wall does cholesterol plaque develop?
Tunic Interna
What artery takes blood directly to the femoral artery?
External Iliac
In humans, where does the blood in the external iliac artery come from?
Common illiac
Blood in the inferior mesenteric artery travels to what organs?
Large intestines
What is arteriosclerosis?
Hardening of the arteries.
What vessels take blood to the kidneys?
Renal Arteries.
The ovaries or testes receive blood from which arteries?
Gonadal Arteries.
The brachiocephalic veins take blood to what vessel?
Superior vena cava.
Is the radial vein a superficial or deep vein?
The common iliac vein receives blood from two vessels. What are these two vessels?
External/ Internal iliac vein.
Blood from the right axillary vein next travels to what vessel?
Subclavian Vein
What vessels take blood to the left femoral vein?
Deep femoral Vein
Great Saphenous
What area do the right and left external jugular veins drain?
Outer region of the head.
What is the functional nature of a "portal system" and how does it differ from normal venous return flow?
Begins in capillary beds, flows thru veins, ends in another capillary bed. Differs because normal goes thru capillary bed, veins to the heart.
What major vessels take blood to the hepatic portal vein?
Superior/ Inferior mesenteric vein.
What vessel receives blood from the ulnar vein?
Where is the cephalic vein located?
Lateral side of forearm.
Blood in the superior vena cava next flows to what area?
Right atrium.
The internal jugular vein takes blood from what area?
Where does blood flow after it leaves the femoral vein?
External Iliac Vein.
Blood in the small intestine travels to the hepatic portal vein by what vessel?
Superior Mescenteric Vein.