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What was Pharaoh Khufu's contribution to Egyptian history?


Which Egyptian kingdom would best be described as imperialistic?

New Kingdom

hat part of their ancestors' bodies did the Natufians (like at Jericho) place in their altar niches?


Which of the following statements best accounts for the failure of Akhenaton's reign?

He was obsessed with to reforming Egypt into a monotheistic society based on Aten.

Mesopotamian kings claimed that their authority to rule was derived from

the gods.

Phoenicians city-states traded purple dye, foodstuffs, and what wood used for ship-building?


The people called "Phoenicians" by the Greeks were called _____________ by the Egyptians.


The assertion can be made that we all have African ancestry because

Humans are descended from hominids who lived in Africa millions of years ago

The story of Osiris in ancient Egyptian religion served to

strengthen people's belief in immortality.

Mummification was use to

help ensure that one could continue to live in the Afterlife.

Which of the following nations conquered the kingdom of Judah and exiled the Jews to Babylonia in the sixth century B.C.E.?


What was the connection between the early Hebrews and the Sumerian kingdom?

The Hebrew patriarch Abraham was originally from Ur in Mesopotamia.

The Hebrews, as a group, always believed that there was only one God.


Menes/Narmer was the ruler who unified all of the Iraq in 2700 BCE.


Hammurabi invented the idea of laws.


e of the most powerful women in Egypt's New Kingdom was the wife of Akhenaton, known to us as


Sumerians used geometry and trigonometry to construct massive temple complexes known as


The Hittites arrived in Mesopotamia with Indo-European language and culture, and their knowledge of

Iron making

Why did scholars change the abbreviations BC and AD to BCE and CE?

it keeps the dates the same, but removes the obvious Christian bias from the timeline.

Sumerians angered their gods so much that the gods decided to get rid of their human creations with a


After the death of her husband, the pharaoh of Egypt, what did Hatshepsut do with the kingship?

Took it for herself

Which of these was NOT an innovation of the Paleolithic period?


Lucia is the name given to the remains of an early migrant to the Americas. She was found in


What occurred as a result of the ENDING of the last ice age?

scientists are not sure, but there are a lot of theories.

Scholars think than an even earlier society than Indus Valley civilization existed just to the west with the


The Harappan civilization flourished along what major river network?


The peoples that created Vedic India were part of what larger group?

the Indo-Europeans

Which of these is true of Harappan and later Indian civilizations?

Harappan civilization disappeared, but left a cultural legacy.

Why did Siddhartha Gautama's father have the young prince secluded in a palace?

to protect him from evil and suffering

A major religion founded by Mahavira in the sixth century was


The Indian priestly caste was known as the


The term that refers to the impact of one's actions in life on a later life after reincarnation is


What is Indus-Sarasvati-Ghaggar-Hakra Civilization?

Another modern name for the Indus Valley or Harrapan Civilization.

Mohenjo-Daro had a beautiful public bath with a large brick-lined pool, while Harappa had a large grain storage facility with a raised floor to protect against floods. These features suggest ________.

each city had a powerful central authority that carried out urban planning

The Aryans

dominated ancient India after their arrival from the north.

One of the problems we have in understanding the Indus Valley Civilization is that modern scholars

can't decipher their writing.

Indus Valley Civilization was hightly sophisticated as seen in their

definitely A, but we don't know about the other two.

Indus Valley civilization seems to have been involved in wide ranging trade with other regions.


The culture and knowledge of the Indus Valley civilization was completely destroyed by invaders


The Vedas are a collection of works related to Indo-Aryan beliefs, worshipping their gods


Magadha was a large, wealthy, and powerful state known as a


How did the work of Heinrich Schliemann transform our understanding of early Greek civilization?

He showed that the Iliad and Odyssey were based on a historical past.

Which Culture Hero is credited with introducing agriculture to China?


Minoan Crete was particularly well known for building


The possibly mythic Emperor Yu of the Xia Dynasty is known for his attempt to

control the Yellow River.

According to the Daode Jing, an effective ruler is one who rules naturally by


One of the ways Shi Huangdi and his advisors managed the message put out by the state was to

burn all unapproved books

Which of the following statements about Darius III is NOT true?

He defeated the Macedonians before his untimely death.

In c. 1450 BCE the Mycenaeans (probably) conquered what other Mediterranean state?

Minoan Crete

In 27 BCE the Senate bestowed what title on Octavian?


Who were "the eyes and ears of the [Persian] Great king"?


Han Fei and Li Si created a political system in which all in the state were subject to the will of

the ruler.

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