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Intro to Criminal Justice, CCJ1020 by Frank Schmalleger, 9th Ed.

Which of the following is not a prominent private security firm?


Private security personnel differ from public police in that

they secure private interests.

Private security personnel

protect lives and private property.

Independent or proprietary commercial organizations that provide protective services to employers on a contractual basis are known as

private protective services.

The Hallcrest Report II provides the results of an analysis of what type of law enforcement agency?

private security

In 2004, the International Association of Chiefs of Police found fault with America's homeland security strategy because it

was developed without seeking the advice of local public safety organizations.

__________ is the collection and analysis of information to produce an intelligence end product designed to inform the police decision making at both the tactical and strategic levels.

Intelligence-led policing

Since September 11, the need to share ________ across jurisdictions has become apparent.

criminal intelligence

Which of the following is not a reason for the rapid growth of the private security industry?

public law enforcement agencies requesting the help of private security

Which of the following U.S. Supreme Court cases specified the conditions under which deadly force could be used to apprehend a suspected felon?

Tennessee v. Garner

What division in a police department investigates charges that officers are guilty of wrongdoing?

internal affairs

Historically, officers were allowed to use deadly force to prevent the escape of a suspected felon. This was known as the

"Fleeing Felon Rule."

Which Supreme Court case is not directly relevant to police civil liability issues?

Maurice Turner v. Fraternal Order of Police

The pay of police officers

is going up, due to increased professionalism.

Police subculture is transmitted primarily

through informal socialization.

The "Rampart Scandal" arose out of corruption within the ________ Police Department.

Los Angeles

The research reported in Enhancing Police Integrity, published by the Department of Justice, found that a police department's ethical standards are most affected by

clearly understood and implemented policies and rules.

Who coined the phrase "working personality" of police officers?

Jerome Skolnick

Officers who have adopted the police working personality are often all of the following except


What is the meaning of the term grass eaters as a form of police corruption?

officers who accept small bribes and minor services from citizens

Which of the following is not a benefit of educated police officers?

better handgun skills

A recent study by the FBI found that most slain officers

were good-nature and well liked by the community and the department.

When a police officer arrests someone based on an improperly issued warrant,

the officer may be liable for monetary damages.

A ________ suit is based on an act passed by Congress in 1871 to ensure the civil rights of men and women of all races.

section 1983

The Peace Officer Standards and Training program is an example of

basic law enforcement training.

Which type of police corruption identified by the Knapp Commission involves the active seeking of illicit money-making opportunities by officers?

meat eating

Which of the following is true of better-educated police officers?

Educated officers will possess a heightened sensitivity to racial and ethnic issues.

According to the Status of Women in Policing Survey, about what percentage of U.S. law enforcement officers is female?


Barker and Carter describe acts of corruption that further the organizational goals of law enforcement as

abuse of authority.

What case supports drug testing of police officers based on reasonable suspicion that drug abuse is occurring?

Maurice Turner v. Fraternal Order of Police

What Supreme Court case banned random drug testing of police officers?

Philip Caruso, President of P.B.A. v. Benjamin Ward, Police Commissioner

A research project on female officers in Massachusetts found that female officers

are extremely devoted to their work.

The abuse of police authority for personal or organizational gain is called

police corruption.

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