AP Gov Vocab Unit III

"Amicus Curiae" Brief
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LitigationThe act or process of carrying out a lawsuitLobbyingAttempting to influence policy makersNonpartisan electionsElections in which candidates are not identified by party membership on the ballotOffice Column BallotBallot in which candidates are arranged by office rather than party. Encourages split ticket voting.Party Column BallotBallot in which candidates are arranged by party rather than office. Encourages straight ticket voting.Photo OpportunityA staged campaign event that attracts favorable visual media coverage, e.g., a candidate reading to a group of school childrenPluralismTheory that policy making is the result of interest group competitionPolitical Action Committe (PAC)An interest group that raises funds and donates to election campaigns.PatronageAppointing loyal party members to government positionsRevolving DoorThe cycle which a person alternately works for the public sector and private sector, thus blurring the individual's sense of loyalty.Selective ExposureThe practice of selectively choosing media sources which are in harmony with one's own beliefs.Selective PerceptionThe practice of percieving media messages the way one wants toSound BiteA short, pithy comment that is likely to attract media attention, e.g., Ronald Reagan saying, "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job, and recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his job."Spin ControlPlacing a certain slant on a story to deflect negative public attention against a candidate or office holder.Unit ruleAn abandoned rule of the Democratic Party national convention in which the candidate with the most delegates from a state won all of that state's convention votes.