Management Excel

The formulas version verifies that you entered formulas, rather than ____, in formula-based cells.
____ means that the width of the column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fit in the column.
Best Fit
All of the following are valid Excel arithmetic operators except___.
In Excel, a number can contain the characters __________.
All of the above
Which comparison operator means "not equal to"?
__________ are a collection of worksheets.
A formula using the ____ cell reference B20 instructs Excel to adjust the cell reference as it copies it to the destination area.
The arithmetic operator, ^, directs Excel to perform the division operation.
If you know the result you want a formula to produce, you can use ____ to determine the value of a cell on which the formula depends.
Goal Seeking
If you know the result you want a formula to produce, you can use ____ to determine the value of a cell on which the formula depends.
The ____ function is useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test.
Using Excel to scrutinize the impact of changing values in cells that are referenced by a formula in another cell is called ____.
What-if Analysis
The AVERAGE function requires that the argument (the range) be included within parentheses before the function name.
The ____ of the worksheet shows the actual formulas you have entered, rather than the resulting values.
Formulas Version
When Excel follows the order of operations, the formula, 8 * 3 + 2, equals ____.
Which of the following is not a valid format symbol?
semi-colon (;)
The following entries are considered text: 401AX21, 921-231, 619 321, 883XTY
To identify a cell, specify the row number first, followed by the column letter.
Excel does not allow the contents of a cell to be aligned vertically.
Error messages always begin with what symbol?
Dividing a cell into more than one cell is called __________.
A __________ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells.
If you drag the fill handle to the left or up, Excel will ____ the series rather than ____ the series.
Excel displays #REF! in a cell to indicate the cell is a cross reference.
To toggle between the values version and the formulas version of a worksheet, hold down the ____ key.
CTRL key while pressing the ACCENT MARK (`)
In the accompanying figure, if you enter 90 in the Degrees box in the Orientation area, the text will appear ____.
vertically and read from bottom to top in the cell
When assigned to a cell, the ____ function returns a number that corresponds to the system date and time beginning with December 31, 1899.
A(n) ____ IF function is one in which the action to be taken for the true or false case includes yet another IF function.
Cell references in formulas must be entered in uppercase, and spaces cannot be added before or after arithmetic operators.
Text entered in a cell cannot be realigned.
When a formula is copied, Excel adjusts the cell references so the new formulas contain references corresponding to the new location and performs calculations using the appropriate values.
Combining two or more cells together is called __________ cells.
To start a new line in a cell, press ____ after each line, except for the last line, which is completed by clicking the Enter box, pressing the ENTER key, or pressing one of the arrow keys.
A Pie chart with one or more slices offset is called a(n) ____.
Exploded Pie Chart
When using conditional formatting, if the condition is true, then Excel applies the formatting.
Copying, deleting, inserting, and moving ranges of cells have the potential to ____.
Render a worksheet useless
A(n) __________ chart is drawn on the same worksheet as the data.
When you set up a worksheet, you should use cell references in formulas whenever possible, rather than ____ values.
The NOW function is a date and time function.
If a major error is made when typing data into a cell, click the Cancel box in the formula bar or press the ESC key to erase the entire entry, and then reenter the data from the beginning.
When you complete a copy, the values and formats in the destination area are replaced with the values and formats of the source area.
When you change a value on which a chart is dependent, Excel ____.
immediately redraws the chart based on the new value
If a cell has a two-digit year of 32, Excel automatically changes it to a four-digit year of ____.
Saving the workbook frequently is important for the following reason:
if you lose power, the worksheet could be lost
The paste operation is one of many operations affected by an absolute cell reference.
If the contents of cells copied using the fill handle are 430 and 410, then the next three values of an extended series are: 400, 390, 370.
Regardless of the length and complexity of a formula, using Point mode to enter formulas always is slower and less accurate than using the keyboard.
Excel can display characters in only three font colors: black, red, and blue.
If you accidentally delete valuable data, immediately click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Excel converts all the formulas from ____.
lowercase to uppercase