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Unit 3 quiz - Technology & your future $$$


money from a job


the total value of money and other assets, minus outstanding debts.


things you pay money for - both needs and wants.


the regular balancing of income and expenses into a spreadsheet program


putting aside money for later use


a diagram of the steps in a process.


a set of data arranged in rows and columns


used to show data geographically


models of real-world activities



the act of customizing a document to fit your needs by adjusting pieces
of the document such as text, page layout and design


blank spaces between the edge of the paper and the printed text


letting the computer software automatically widen to fit the data

line spacing

the vertical distance between two lines of type


the space between text and the left or right margin

cut and paste

allows the user to place text or a graphic in another location in a document

copy and paste

to highlight text, leave it where it is, and also put a copy of it in another location.


A program that allows you to use rows and columns of data to manage, predict, and present information.

primary expenses

Expenses that have a very high priority and generally are paid first

secondary expenses

expenses for lower-priority items such as WANTS

fixed expense

a cost that doesn't change from month to month

variable expense

an expense that changes from month to month

net gain

when income is greater than expenses

net loss

When expenses exceed income


A single sheet contained in an excel workbook


the answer to addition calculated by Excel

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