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Causes of the American Revolution

Treaty of Paris
ended the French and Indian War, resulted in the British getting more land in North America
Proclamation of 1763
this stopped colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains
Stamp Act
taxed all print materials (newspapers, pamplets, calendars, etc); colonists reacted by protesting and boycotting (refusing to buy) British goods
Tea Act
lowered price of British tea for colonists but forced them to buy tea only from Britain
British Taxes
upset colonists because they had no representation (say) in British Parliament that made the taxes
Quartering Act
law that forced colonists to house and supply British troops
Administration of Justice Act
law that required British tried for crimes only in Britain
Quebec Act
gave away land from colonists in VA, CN, and MA and gave more land to Canada
Townsend Acts
taxes items the colonists couldn't make like imported glass, lead, and paint
British Debt
Britain was in debt because of the costs of the French and Indian War so it began to tax colonists to make money
Boston Massacre
created unity among colonists because everyone was upset at the British soldiers for killing colonists
wanted peace with Britain; many were wealthy people who made money doing business with Britain or were new immigrants to the Americas
wanted to go to war with Britain for independence because of the taxes, laws, and other actions the British did against the colonists