Mexican War/Compromises

in 1831, Mexico becomes independent from who?
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Who ultimately wins the Alamo?TexansAfter the Alamo, what happens to Texas?it becomes the Lone Star RepublicTexas, the bride flirts with ___,___ and ___USA, GB and FranceWhy does Texas "flirt" with the USA?wants to be apart of the USAWhat does GB say about Texas being apart? Why?probably because that means free trade, source of cotton,France wants to make US __weakerHow does Tyler annex Texas?through a Joint Resolution of Congress2 reasons USA debates annexation of Texas?1. Slavery- if TX comes in it will be a slave state, and this caused controversy 2. Almost cause war1844 who was elected president?James K. Polk___ was the lame duck president during 1845John TylerWhy did Tyler Annex rather than through a treaty?couldn't come to an agreement and knew he couldn't get 67% to pass the treatyWhy did Polk sent troops to the disputed areas between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande?hoping Mexico would attack because he needed something for Congress to declare warPolk was an ___expansionistin 1846, who was Congressman at the time and became known as "spotty..."LincolnWhat did Polk really want? why?California because he thought British was going to take itHow did Polk try to get California, and what happened?he tried to buy it but MX said no (ready to send troops)Where was the Mexican War fought?Southwest, Mexico City and CaliforniaWhat year was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?1848Why was it unusual for USA to agree to pay $15 million?because they wonwho won?USAAfter Mexico lost, they gave up all claims to ____Texas and huge provinces of New Mexico and Californiathe Missouri Compromise: the HOR is beginning to favor Who and why?the North because immigrationthe Compromise of 1850, California applied for statehood as a ____ statefreein Washington D.C., why was the slave trade abolished but slavery remained?because people from all over wondered here and slavery auctions from trading don't look good and give a bad image slavery was not as seenfugitive slave act, judge gets paid ___ if he returns the slave and ___ if returns back to free black$10, $5