NUTR 251 Exam 2 Lipids Chapter 5

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Linoleic AcidAn essential FA with 18 carbons and two double bonds.Linolenic AcidAn essential FA with 18 carbons and three double bonds.Omega 3A polyunsat FA in which the double bond is three carbons away from Methyl endOmega 6A polyunsat FA in which the double bond is six carbons away from Methyl endTriglycerideThe cheif form of fat in the diet, the major storage form of fat in the body. 3 FA and a glycerol.GlycerolAn alcohol composed of a 3 carbon chainHydrogenationA chemical process by which hydrogens are added to a monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acid to reduce the number of double bonds. This makes fat more saturated (solid) and more resistent to oxidation.trans fatty acidFatty acids with hydrogens on opposite sides of the double bondphospholipidA compound similar to triglyceride but having a phosphate group.LecithinOne of the phospholipids. Used as an emulsifier.CholineNitrogen-containing compound/phsopholipid found in foodsathersclerosisartery disease characterized by plaques on the inner walls of arteriesMicellesTiny complexes of emulsified fat that arise during digestion; most contain bile salts and the products of lipid digestion, including fatty acids, monoglycerides, and cholesterolChylomicronsThe class of lipoproteins that transport lipids from intestinal cells to the rest of the body.LipoproteinA cluster of lipids associated with proteins that serve as a transport vehicle for lipids in the lymph systemLDLLipoprotein composed primarily of cholesterol.HDLLipoprotein that transports cholesterol back to the liver from the cells, composed primarily of proteinAdipose tissuethe body's fat storing tissue