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  1. thymus gland
  2. thoracic duct or L. lymphatic duct
  3. bodies lines of defense
  4. afferent lymph vessels
  5. lingual tonsils
  1. a intact skin and mucous membranes, inflamation, immunity
  2. b little mounds of lymphoid tissue located at the posterior of the tongue
  3. c located in the mediastinum, between the lungs, above the heart
  4. d has more vessels and empties into the left subclavian vein
  5. e bring lymph into the node at several dif. spots

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  1. excess tissue fluid, contains dissolved substances
  2. found along the lymph pathways, contain a large number of lymphocytes
  3. travel along superficial veins to lymphatic trunk
  4. larger in infancy and early childhood, decreases in size after puberty
  5. active and passive also

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  1. lymph pathwaysstart out as lymph capillaries, they join to form larger vessels, and eventually dump into veins in the thorax


  2. what is the function of the lymph?under low pressure so it moves by skeletal muscle contraction, breathing, valves


  3. tonsilsheat, ache, red, pus, swollen (inflamation)


  4. where does lymph come from?similar to veins, have valves


  5. lactealsheat, ache, red, pus, swollen (inflamation)