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  1. simple squamous epithelium
  2. lymphatic system
  3. lymph vessels
  4. T lymphocytes
  5. passive natural immunity
  1. a walls of the lymph capillaries
  2. b helps your body remember
  3. c placenta, gives antibodies to the body, mothers milk
  4. d travel along superficial veins to lymphatic trunk
  5. e some cells after they mature in the thymus, leave the gland to function against specific pathogens

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  1. formed by merging lymph capillaries
  2. little mounds of lymphoid tissue located at the posterior of the tongue
  3. immune serum or immunoglobulin, takes care of it right away, your body doesn't have to build up antibodies, short term, it's passive because you get the antibodies from someone else
  4. empties into the right subclavian vein
  5. drains a fairly large area of your body

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  1. harpsexcess tissue fluid, contains dissolved substances


  2. afferent lymph vesselscarry lymph out of the node at the hilum


  3. inguinal nodeslocated in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections


  4. efferent lymph vesselscarry lymph out of the node at the hilum


  5. lymphatic trunkjoin 1 of 2 collecting ducts, along a trunk are lymph nodes