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  1. simple squamous epithelium
  2. lymphatic system
  3. harps
  4. thoracic duct or L. lymphatic duct
  5. afferent lymph vessels
  1. a bring lymph into the node at several dif. spots
  2. b a widespread system of tissues and vessels, organs are not in order spread out all over the body
  3. c heat, ache, red, pus, swollen (inflamation)
  4. d walls of the lymph capillaries
  5. e has more vessels and empties into the left subclavian vein

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  1. located in the groin area, recieve lymph from lower extremities and external genital areas
  2. contact with the disease, you make the immune response in the body
  3. found along the lymph pathways, contain a large number of lymphocytes
  4. formed by merging lymph capillaries
  5. excess tissue fluid, contains dissolved substances

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  1. efferent lymph vesselscarry lymph out of the node at the hilum


  2. tonsilslymph nodes that trap bacteria


  3. lymph nodesusually found in groups or chains, but not in the central nervous system, some are superficial and some are deep


  4. lingual tonsilsoval bodies located at each side of the soft palate, back of the throat


  5. T lymphocytesfound along the lymph pathways, contain a large number of lymphocytes