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  1. passive natural immunity
  2. inguinal nodes
  3. walls of lymph vessels
  4. thymus gland
  5. right lymphatic duct
  1. a placenta, gives antibodies to the body, mothers milk
  2. b larger in infancy and early childhood, decreases in size after puberty
  3. c similar to veins, have valves
  4. d empties into the right subclavian vein
  5. e located in the groin area, recieve lymph from lower extremities and external genital areas

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  1. helps your body remember
  2. located in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections
  3. located in the mediastinum, between the lungs, above the heart
  4. bring lymph into the node at several dif. spots
  5. found along the lymph pathways, contain a large number of lymphocytes

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  1. lymph vesselsformed by merging lymph capillaries


  2. all nodesfound along the lymph pathways, contain a large number of lymphocytes


  3. lymphatic trunkjoin 1 of 2 collecting ducts, along a trunk are lymph nodes


  4. artificial immunityvaccine, artificially inquired, makes your body build up antibodies against the vaccine


  5. movement of lymphexcess tissue fluid, contains dissolved substances