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  1. inguinal nodes
  2. active artificial immunity
  3. natural immunity
  4. lymphatic trunk
  5. lymph vessels
  1. a located in the groin area, recieve lymph from lower extremities and external genital areas
  2. b travel along superficial veins to lymphatic trunk
  3. c can be active or passive
  4. d vaccine, artificially inquired, makes your body build up antibodies against the vaccine
  5. e join 1 of 2 collecting ducts, along a trunk are lymph nodes

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  1. lymph nodes that trap bacteria
  2. located in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections
  3. located in the mediastinum, between the lungs, above the heart
  4. excess tissue fluid, contains dissolved substances
  5. start out as lymph capillaries, they join to form larger vessels, and eventually dump into veins in the thorax

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  1. thymosinelymph nodes that trap bacteria


  2. artificial immunitycan be active or passive


  3. lymphatic trunkhelps your body remember


  4. movement of lymphexcess tissue fluid, contains dissolved substances


  5. all nodesusually found in groups or chains, but not in the central nervous system, some are superficial and some are deep