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U.S. History Chap. 15

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What were the provisions of the Wade-Davis Bill & who supported it?
supported by Radical Republicans; required military governor until a majority of adult white males signed an oath of allegiance; denied suffrage and holding a political office to all former Confederate leaders; abolish slavery, repudiated confederate war debts
Who came just 1 vote from being removed from office?
President Johnson
How did Radical Republicans gain control of state gov'ts in the south?
by denying the vote to many former confederates
Who was the 1st President to be impeached?
Andrew Johnson
Whose administration was one of the most scandal-ridden ones in American history?
Ulysses S. Grant
Who was William Tweed?
corrupt leader who defrauded New York City
Who was Thomas Nast?
political cartoonist who advocated reforms
What New York newspaper editor ran against Grant in 1872?
Horace Greely
Who was the lawyer that helped to reform the corruption in New York City?
Samuel Tilden
Who was the 1st black to serve in the US Congress?
Hiram Revels
What is the name for the Republican minority that wanted to deal harshly with the South?
Radical Republicans
What is impeachment?
an indictment of a political official by Congress - bring formal charges against
What name was given to Northern Radicals who moved to the South?
What name was given to Southern Radicals?
What is disfranchisement?
denial of the right to vote
What was one method for freed slaves to farm land without cash?
What was a "Redeemer"?
Southerner who wanted to oust republican rule & restore white majority vote
What did the term "Grantism" come to mean?
political corruption
What was a Liberal Republican?
type of republican who opposed the radicals in 1872
What are greenbacks?
paper money not backed by gold or silver
What was the 10% plan?
Lincoln's attempt to quickly reestablish gov't in the South
What was the "Solid South"?
The near unanimous support of the democratic party in former confederate states
What Amendment abolished slavery?
What Amendment guaranteed citizenship rights?
What did the Military Reconstruction Act do?
divided the South into 5 military districts
What was the purpose of the Black Codes?
an attempt to regulate the conduct of former slaves
What did the 15th Amendment do?
guaranteed the right to vote regardless of "race, color, or previous condition of servitude"
What term refers to the national gov't's attempt to rebuild the South according to Radical Republican ideals?
What was the Tenure of Office Act designed to do?
protect cabinet members from being fired by the President
What was the most severe depression in the first 100 years of American History?
Panic of '73
What gov't agency was designed to help former slaves?
Freedmen's Bureau
What extremist group opposed Radical Reconstruction and tried to prevent Blacks from voting during Reconstruction?
KKK (Ku Klux Klan)
What scandal involved a group's criminal use of funds intended for railroads?
Credit Mobilier
What was the Compromise of 1877?
political agreement in which federal troops would be removed from the South
Which President generally supported Lincoln's plans for Reconstruction?
Andrew Johnson
Why was Andrew Johnson allegedly impeached?
he dismissed a radical Secretary of War
What were 3 provisions of the Military Reconstruction Act?
south divided into 5 military zones; each state had to pass 14th amendment; each state had to write a new constitution granting universal male suffrage
What were some positive contributions of Radical gov'ts in the South?
public school systems, universal male suffrage, rebuilding of transportation systems
What did Robert E. Lee do after the war?
became President of Washington College
Why did sharecroppers become common in the South during Reconstruction?
South lacked enough money to pay wages
What scandal did Fisk and Gould participate in?
manipulating the price of gold
Why was Tammany Hall allowed to continue with its corruption?
democratic leaders needed its help to get votes
What is meant by "waving the bloody shirt"?
blaming Democrats for the war
What did Republicans offer Southern Democrats in return for supporting Rutherford B. Hayes for president?
removal of federal troops