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project management software

Which type of software helps managers with tasks such as scheduling charts?


Software that is distributed for free, but often with the condition that you pay for it if you like and intend to use it, is called ________.

speech recognition software

Which type of software lets you dictate letters, e-mails, and voice commands?

application software

Software that lets you do tasks at home, school, and work is called ________.

database software

Which type of software is used at colleges to keep track of student records?


In a spreadsheet, equations you build yourself using values and cell references are called ________.

locate restaurants, airports, and points of interest

GPS software allows users to ________.

encoding CDs to MP3 format

CD ripping refers to _____.


In a spreadsheet, the columns and rows form individual boxes called ________.


Software refers to a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. These instruction sets are called ________.

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