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Used to emphasize a specific word


Used to indicate book titles and other published works


Used to indicate links to web pages and should be reserved for that purpose in most cases

accent symbol

such as in the word résumé, is used to indicate emphasis during pronunciation.


a format tool used to apply global font formals to text

subscripts and superscripts

Used respectively in: Chemical definitions, such as H20 (subscript) and for footnotes or reference purposes, such as in Webster's Dictionary1 (superscript)

small caps

May be used to format titles or headings in a document

serif font

One that has small attributes at the tips of each letter. Often used in the body of a letter or report.

sans serif font

Does not include the attributes at the tips of each letter. Commonly used in title texts and is the preferred font for web-based content.

font formatting

Appearance, size, and attributes of text

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