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1. Green - associated with the 'green breast' of the new world.
Represents hope of a better life and birth of the American Dream .The green 'trees had made way for Gatsby's house' and now green represented the green on money-and the failing or death of the American Dream.
2. Yellow -corruption or a lack of moral values. Gatsby's car is yellow because he bought it with drug money. The girls at his party wear yellow to show there lack of values (they go to his parties, drink he alcohol, gossip about him and try and pick up rich men), And the yellow rims of Dr Eckleburg's glasses that surround his eyes and cut him off from the world.
3. Blue- sadness, restlessness in this book. Nick describes Gatsby's servants as blue and Tom's restless eyes are blue as well.
4. Red-danger this color warns the reader of Tom's destructive nature. The house he lives in is half Daisy's white half his destructive red. He also has crimson carpets in his house
5. Gold/ silver- wealth and cost, Gatsby dresses in these colors to appear rich while Daisy is described as both a 'silver idol' and a 'golden girl' showing her value as a status symbol.
6. Grey- waste and destruction caused by the luxurious lifestyles of the rich. The valley of the ashes is the dumping ground for all the waste from New York that has been burned and the ash covered workers there represent the forgotten working class.
7. Cream-An off white color that Myrtle wears to try and impersonate Daisy's white showing she isn't quite the same. Gatsby also has a cream car which symbolises his less than perfect past.