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Junior Japan Bowl (J2B) 2018 Study Set

Very hot
With ease/easily
very hot
anxious, jittery
soft, fluffy
good morning
hello/good afternoon
good night (before you sleep)
i'm leaving (the house)
have a good day (response to i'm leaving)
good evening
What time does the Edo period cover?
The Tokugawa Period, because the Shogun (ruler) of the time was from the Tokugawa family.
What is another name for the Edo Period and why is it called that?
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Who was the first shogun of the Edo Period?
It means 'closed country' and it refers to the policy during the Tokugawa Era that lasted for 220 years where trade was restricted and foreigners were not allowed in and Japanese were not allowed in.
What does さこく mean, and to what does it refer?
Economic growth
Strict social order
(Relative) Peace and stability
Popular enjoyment of arts and culture
Policy of isolationism (さこく)
Name some characteristics of the Edo Period.
Commodore Matthew Perry in 1853.
Whose arrival triggered the beginning of the end of the Edo Period?
President Millard Fillmore wanted to force the Japanese ports to ope to American trade. Commodore Perry set sail from Norfolk, VA.
Why was Commodore Perry sent to Japan?
What is the art of Japanese flower arranging called?
Living flower
What does いけばな mean?
Since the 7th century
How long has いけばな been around?
ぼんさい ・盆栽
What is the Japanese art form of growing trees in small containers?
Tray planting. ぼん=tray
What does ぼんさい mean?
A genre of Japanese art that flourished from the 17th to 19th centuries.
What is うきよえ・浮世絵?
Beautiful females
Kabuki actors
Sumo wrestlers
Scenes from history or folktales
Travel scenes
Name some subjects of うきよえ prints?
Utamaro and Hokusai
Name two famous artists of the time.
Pictures of the floating world
What does うきよえ mean?
Van Gough, Monet and Gauguin
Name some Western artists influenced by うきよえ.
Traditional Japanese paper that uses fibers taken from the inner bark of local vegetation, then processed by hand to make paper.
What is わし・和紙?
Name some goods created using washi paper.
Objects that are decoratively covered in lacquer or urushi (うるし).
What does 漆器 ・しっき mean?
It was used as early as 5000 BC.
How long has Shikki (しっき) been used in Japan?
A famous type of Japanese Shikoku that is produced in the town of Wajima in the Ishikawa Prefecture.
What is Wajima-nuri?
Tojiki are ceramics and earthenware. It is one of the oldest Japanese crafts and art forms.
What is 陶磁器 ・とうじき (Tojiki)?
As early as the Jomon period, 10,000 BCE- 300 BCE.
When did ceramic and earthenware production in Japan begin?
Setomono or Setoyaki, which is China or porcelain made in Seto City in Aichi Prefecture.
What is one of the most popular Tojiki called?
Shun-Ka-shu-tou. 春夏秋冬・しゅんかしゅうとう
What term is used to refer to the four seasons in Japan?
Sakura Zensen. 桜前線・さくらぜんせん
What is known as the "Cherry Blossom Front"? It tracks the advance of cherry blossoms across Japan.
It starts in Okinawa in March, gradually moving north and reaching Hokkaido in May.
What time period (and path) does the Sakura Zensen cover?
Tsuyu. 梅雨・つゆ
What is the rainy season called in Japan? It lasts most of June and July and covers most of Japan (not Hokkaido).
"Plum Rain" because the rain coincides with the ripening of Japanese plums.
What does Tsuyu mean?
It refers to the leaves of trees turning red and yellow in the fall. Kouyou means "Red Leaf".
What does Kouyou (紅葉・紅葉) refer to?
Sakura. 桜・さくら
What spring flower do Japanese love to talk about and plan picnic outings called Hanami to see the blossoms?
Momiji. 紅葉・もみじ
What is the name of the Japanese maple tree that turns bright red in the fall?
"Hunting for momiji", the act of traveling to enjoy the fall foliage.
What does momiji gari mean?
Rice. 稲・いね. Rice paddies can be seen in many parts of Japan.
What plant is a main staple of the Japanese diet?
松竹梅・しようちくばい (Pine, Bamboo, Plum)
What is the combined word for 3 trees used in celebratory occasions in Japan (pine, bamboo, and plum)?
Youth and longevity.
What does pine represent?
What does bamboo represent?
Patient endurance.
What does plum represent?
杉・すぎ (Cedar)
What wood is an essential building material in traditional Japanese homes?
大晦日・大晦日 (New Year's Eve)
What is New Year's Eve called?
--Cleaning the house.
--Decorating the house.
--Preparing the New Year's feast: Osechi (おせち).
Name some activities done to prepare for the new year.
Toshikoshi Soba ・としこしそば (You wish for long life by eating long noodles/soba as you cross over from the old year into the new (Toshi Koshi.))
What special food is eaten at midnight on New Year's Eve to bring long life to you?
よいおとしを (Yoi Otoshi Wo/Have a good year)
What do you say to someone the last time you see them before the new year?
じょやのかね (Jyoya no Kane)
What is the name of the ritual where Buddhist temples strike their bells 108 times around midnight? This is done to rid the past, present and future body and mind of negativity.
December 31-January 3
In Japan, what days does the New Year's holiday cover?
ねんがじょう (Nengajyo)
What are New Year's greeting cards called?
あけましておめでとうございます (Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu/Happy New Year).
What greeting do you use when you see someone for the first time in the New Year?
おとしだま (Otoshidama)
What do you call the little envelopes that are filled with money and given to children by their adult relatives?
おせち(Osechi) and おぞうに(Ozouni)--soup with mochi.
Name some foods enjoyed at New Year's
かどまつ (Kadomatsu)
A New Year's decoration that is used to welcome in the gods.
しめかざり (Shimekazari)
A New Year's decoration that is a decorative rope made of straw that is placed on gates and entrances for good luck.
かがみもち (Kagamimochi)
A New Year's decoration that is an offering to the gods.
はつもうで (Hatsumoude)
Many families also visit Shinto Shrines during the New Year. What is the first visit of the new year called?
せいじんしき (Seijinshiki)
What is the name of the ceremony for people who hsve reached the age of majority (20 years old) called?
The second Monday in January.
Seijin-no Hi (the day that Seijinshiki is celebrated) is a national holiday. What day on the calendar is it celebrated?
Traditional clothes worn by young men for their Seijinshiki.
Traditional kimono worn by young women for their Sejinshiki, distinguishable by its long sleeves.
What takes place on the first day of Spring (Risshun/りっしゅん) according to the Japanese calendar?
"Oni wa Soto; Fuku wa Ushi." おにわそと。ふくわうち。
What do you say as you throw roasted soybeans in and out of your house?
Mamemaki. まめまき
What is the bean throwing called?
Hinamatsuri. ひな祭り・ひなまつり・Girl's Day
What holiday is celebrated annually on March 3rd?
Hina ningyou ひなにんぎょう
A girl's family prays for her growth and happiness with a beautiful doll display called?
Shinnou kazari しんのうかざり
These days most families just have a small set that consists of the Emperor and Empress. What is it called?
Inside: you bring good luck, good health and good fortune (Fuku/ふく). Outside: you drive away evil spirits (Oni/おに).
What are you doing when you throw the beans inside the house? Outside the house?
A traditional wedding. (It is said if you do not put the display away promptly after the holiday, the girl's marriage will be delayed.)
What does the Hina doll display represent?
Kodomo no Hi. こどもの日・こどものひ (Also called Tango no Sekku)
What holiday is celebrated annually on May 5th?
False. Originally celebrated only by boys, today it celebrates the happiness and well being of all children.
(True or False) Children's Day has always been celebrated by all children?
--a samurai warrior doll・ごがつにんぎょう・Gogatsu Ningyou.
--a samurai's armor・よろい・Yoroi and/or helmet・かぶと・Kabuto
Homes with sons display what items, intended to protect boys from harm?
They represent the family. The largest is the father, then the mother, then the children.
What do you call the carp-shaped wind socks that are flown at this time?
Tanabata・七夕・たなばた・(Star Festival)
What holiday is celebrated annually on July 7th?
False. It's a Chinese legend about a couple (Orihime おりひめ) and (Hikoboshi ひこぼし) allowed to reunite once a year because their love caused them to be too distracted.
(True or False) The story origin is a Hawaiian legend of a love story between two gods.
(Tanzaku たんざく). A long strip of colorful paper that is tied to bamboo grass.
What should you write your wishes on?
False. According to the old calendar, it was from July 13-15, but now it's usually observed August 13-16.
(True or False) Obon お盆・おぼん (Bon Festival) is usually celebrated in the Wintertime.
Arrive on a horse and leave on a cow. (Displayed as cucumbers and eggplants.)
What do ancestral spirits arrive and depart on? (hint--it is represented by vegetables)
What do you call the bonfire built at the end of Obon to send off the spirits?
Hello Kitty ハローキテイ
Name the most famous Sanrio character.
Gudetama! ぐでたま
What Sanrio character is known for being lazy?
Rilakkuma! リァックマ
San-X's most popular character (hint--he is very relaxed...)
A group of mysterious creatures who are most comfortable gathering in corners...
A mascot of Funabashi who loves hard rock and heavy metal music.
Who is this?
Who works for the government of Kumamoto prefecture to boost tourism.
Who is this?
Japanimation; hand-drawn or computer animation associated with Japan.
What is another word for anime (アニメ)?
(True or False) The Japanese anime industry consists of close to 500 production companies.

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