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the responsibility the healthcare profession has to patients so that a feeling of confidence exists between patient and provider.


The binding force in any contact that gives it legal status; the object of value that each party gives to the other.


A certain amount of money that the patient must pay each year toward his or her medical expenses before health insurance benefits begin.

group plan

One insurance policy that covers a group of people


To reimburse or make payment for a loss


an individual who is covered by an insurer


failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care


A specific sum of money paid by the insured to the insurance company in exchange for financial protection against loss.

Respondeat superior

A key principle in business law, which says that an employer is responsible for the actions of his or her employees in the course of employment

Subpoena duces tecum

A legal document that requires an individual to appear in court with a piece of evidence that can be used or inspected by the court is called a(n):

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