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Babies are considered newborn or perinatal for their first ?
28 days
what is the term used for a patient who takes less of a medication as prescribed?
Under Dosing
when is the code category Z37 used?
After the delivery of the baby and the moms chart .
A term that describes a malignant neoplasm site where there is no invasion of surrounding tissues?
in situ
when is/ are 'a' condition/s that occur/s during or following a medical care or surgery classified as complication/s?
when there is a cause and effect relationship. and documentation must indicate that the condition is a complication .
the second most common document where you can extract diagnostic statements?
treatment, progress , SOAP notes.
which section of the ICD-10-CM includes guidelines for reporting additional diagnoses in non-outpatient settings?
Section III
How are burns coded?
by the site, degree, and the body surface involved.
which letter in the ICD-10-CM is reserved by the WHO to assign new diseases of unknown etiology?
letter U- unsigned .
how are sub-terms arranged in the alphabetic index of disease and injury?
they are indented 2 spaces below the main term.
what does "code first" indicate?
the underlying condition must be sequenced first, before the manifestation code.
what does the note/instruction "see also" and "see" mean?
see - wrong place. see also- another term maybe checked that may have additional useful index.
what does etiology mean?
study of the origin disease/ what's causing the disease.
to find a code you need to know the ______ term, then you look it up in the _______ index?
-Main -alphabetic
what is peripartum ?
period from the last month of pregnancy to 5 months post partum .