DBG 5.25


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Erat in Carnutibus summo loco natus Tasgetius,
There was among the Carnutians Tasgetius born of the highest rank
cuius maiores in sua civitate regnum obtinuerant
whose ancestors had held the power in their own state.
Huic Caesar pro eius virtute atque in se benevolentia..... maiorum locum restituerat. *
To this one Caesar had restored the position of his ancestors
quod in omnibus bellis singulari eius opera fuerat usus, *
for his kindness towards him and virtue because in all of his wars he had been of use with these remarkable services.
Tertium iam hunc annum regnantem inimici, multis palam ex civitate eius auctoribus, eum interfecerunt.
The enemies killed this one now ruling for the 3rd year with many from the state openly being instigators.
Defertur ea res ad Caesarem.
The thing was reported to Caesar.
Ille veritus, quod ad plures pertinebat, ne civitas eorum impulsu deficeret,
That one having feared because it was pertaining to many lest the state might revolt
Lucium Plancum cum legione ex Belgio celeriter in Carnutes proficisci iubet
because of their instigation orders LP with a legion to proceed quickly out of Belgian to Carnutes
ibique hiemare quorumque opera cognoverat Tasgetium interfectum, hos comprehensos ad se mittere.
and to winter there and to send these arrested ones to him, by whose work he had known Tesegus had been killed.
Interim ab omnibus legatis quaestoreque, quibus legiones tradiderat, certior factus est in hiberna perventum locumque hibernis esse munitum.
Meanwhile he was informed by all the envoys and the questor to whom he had entrusted the legions that it was arrived by them into the winter quarters had been and the place fortified for winter quarters.