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If you have a PC with an ATX motherboard and case, can you replace it with a BTX motherboard?
A. Yes

B. Yes, if you set the jumpers
C. Yes, if you add more screw holes
D. yes, if you remove some ports
E. No

Insufficient DC wattage provided by the power supply . When adding new devices you need more DC wattage

You are installing an additional drive into a working computer. The computer won't power up at all, no lights, no spinning drives, nothing.What's most likely the problem?

A. Dead Hard Drive (your answer)
B. Insufficient DC wattage provided by the power supply (correct answer)
C. Insufficient AC wattage provided by the electrical outlet
D. Dead power supply
E. Corrupted Driver

Digital signature Explanation
sigverif.exe is a tool to verify the system files digital signature

What should you look at to verify the authentication of a file?

A. Digital stamp
B. Digital certificate
C. Digital signature (correct answer)
E. Digital system (your answer)

Event viewer . Explanation
You can click on run and type eventvwr

What tool is used to troubleshoot problems with windows, applications, etc...?

A. Event checker
B. Troubleshooter
C. Event viewer
D. Chkdsk
E. NTcheck

Windows file protection. Explanation
Windows File Protection will inform you if a system file has changed or deleted

_____ protects Windows file systems from being changed or deleted.

A. Windows state data
B. File state protection
C. Windows file protection
D. Lock File

Local user Explanation
On a local computer is local user on a domain is global user

Which of the following user account is created on a local computer and allow a user access to only that computer?

A. Central user
B. Global user
C. Built in user
D. Local user
E. Guest


What is the protocol used in Internet?

B. Netbeui
D. Netbios

Poor cable connection Explanation
A poor cable connection is the most common cause.
A low refresh rate is also another cause.

In a monitor what can be the cause for the flickering?

A. A problem with video card
B. Poor cable connection
C. Bad CPU
D. Bad Monitor
E. Bad RAM


NAT is Network Address Translation

What is it that uses a single public IP address to access internet on behalf of all hosts on the network using IP addresses?


Remove the dust inside the PC. Explanation
You can remove dust with compressed air

You are explaining to Jim that if you don't _______ it can cause PC parts to overheat.

A. Clean the keyboard
B. Keep the humidity high
C. Use liquid inside a computer
D. Remove the dust inside the PC
E. Shake the computer from time to time

You destroy it. Explanation
You destroy it so that important information are safe

After you got a call from a company. You have the task to dispose of a storage media. What would you do with it?

A. You discharge it before disposing
B. You destroy it
C. You sell it
D. You throw it in the regular trash
E. You recycle it

Check the obvious

When troubleshooting, what is the first step?

A. Check the obvious
B. Turn the computer on
C. Make assumption
D. Analise the problem without making an initial determination
E. Speak about your certifications

Power user

In Windows 2000/XP the _____ can read from and write to parts of the system other than their own local drive, install applications and perform limited administrative task.

A. Power user
B. Back-up user
C. Guest
D. Administrator
E. User


What type of service is DHCP?

A. Name resolution
B. Addressing
C. E mail
D. Security layer
E. Remote control

System state data

What is critical to a successful OS load?

A. System root files
B. System state data
C. System boot data
D. System boot files
E. System file table

Loop back plug

Can be used to test a serial, parallel, USB, Network or other ports.

A. Ground plug
B. Network cable tester
C. Ac outlet
D. Tester
E. Loop back plug

Smart card, Password

Which of the following is a type of authentication? Select all that apply.

B. Smart card
C. Smart chip
D. Password
E. Kerberos

Disaster recovery plan

Which of the following plans help to manage a failure.

A. Preventive maintenance plan
B. Regular plan
C. Disaster recovery plan
D. Pc plan
E. Yearly plan

Windows XP

Which version offers a way to automatically download and install updates?

A. Windows XP
B. Windows 2000
C. Windows ME
D. Windows 98
E. Windows 95

Getting rid of the dust

Which of the following is an important part of preventive maintenance?

A. Keeping the humidity high
B. Washing the inside of a computer
C. keeping the temperature high
D. Getting rid of the dust
E. Shacking the computer


Using a normal vacuum cleaner inside a PC can cause

A. Humidity
B. Heat
C. ESD (correct answer)
D. Dust (your answer)
E. Overclocking

Listen to him/her

What should you do when interacting with a customer?

A. Use first name
B. Explain your theory first
C. Listen to him/her
D. Fill out the papers
E. Drink coffee


In a Dot Matrix printer if you get a poor print quality, what should you check first?

A. Printer cable
B. Printer Head
C. Laser beam
D. Ribbon
E. Scanner

Be prepared

What's important to achieve customer satisfaction?

A. Have an expensive plan
B. Be prepared
C. Whatever happen. Don't ask for help
D. Recommend to change the software
E. Speak about something


When should you ask permission to use customer property?

A. Never
B. Always
C. To use the phone
D. If the customer is older than you
E. To use the keyboard

Encryption of files/folders, Support for group policy

Which of the following features are present in Windows XP Professional but lacks in Windows Home? Select all that apply

A. Compression of files/folders
B. Support for remote desktop
C. Support for group policy
D. Encryption of files/folders
E. None of the above

Tell him where he can get more training

You are on site working on a computer, while a user comes to you and start asking detailed questions about what you are doing. He seems really interested in your job. What should you do?

A. Ask him to leave the room
B. Ignore him
C. Tell him where he can get more training
D. Stop what you are doing and answer
E. Call your supervisor

Can be inserted in one way. Explanation
In Floppy Drive cables the first pin is marked with red.
Notched cables goes only in one way

Select the true statement about notched ribbon cables.

A. Can be inserted in both ways
B. The last pin is marked with a red color
C. Doesn't exist
D. Can be inserted in one way.
E. They need to be terminated

Call the customer to let him/her know that you are late

What should you do if you are running 10 minutes late to a customer site?

A. Do nothing
B. Call the customer if you are 30 minutes late
C. Call the customer to let him/her know that you are late
D. Call the customer if you can't make it E. Send the customer a text message

Windows product activation

What is used from Microsoft to prevent unlicensed use of software?

A. Boot license
B. Windows start up activation
C. Bios active menu
D. Windows product activation
E. Windows prevention software

Amplifier repeater

Which device amplifies the incoming signal and noise?

A. Attenuation repeater
B. Amplifier repeater
C. Signal repeater
D. Network repetear

Brownout . A Sag is a drop in voltage for a shorter period than Brownouts

A temporary voltage reduction is referred as ______

A. Spike
C. Swell
D. Brownout
E. Surge

Set the jumpers

What is the first step in preparing the motherboard to go in the case?

A. Set the spaces
B. Set the CPU multiplier
C. Set the case power supply
D. Set the jumpers


What is the term when we speak about a device that can be plugged into a USB port while the computer is on?

B. USB-swappable
C. Cold-swappable
D. Interleaving
E. Hot-swappable


You are not able to send e-mails. Which of the following is the cause?


Master file table

NTFS uses

A. Master boot table
B. CMOS table
C. Master file table
D. Boot table
E. Master table

Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer

The achronym of HTTPS stands for

A. Hypertext transfer protocol socket
B. Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer
C. Hypertext transfer protocol status
D. Hypertext transfer protocol secure system

E. Hypertext transfer protocol system

4 Mb/s

What is the maximun speed of IrDA?

A. 128 Kb/s
B. 1 Mb/s
C. 4 Mb/s
D. 11 Mb/s
E. 22 Mb/s

Scan using a test pattern

You want to make sure that a new scanner is working properly. What is the best test you can do?

A. Print a test page
B. Scan using a test pattern
C. Run the scanner diagnostic
D. Scan a detailed color picture

Configuration error, Incompatible software

When troubleshooting a possible hardware problem, which of the following should you first suspect? Select two.

A. Environmental issues
B. Configuration error
C. Incompatible software
D. Hardware failure
E. Bad day

Run Ipconfig/release and Ipconfig /renew on her computer

A customer reports that she is the only one in the company that cannot access the network resources. She is using Windows XP Professional and her IP is What should you do?

A. Reinstall Windows
B. Run Ipconfig/release and Ipconfig /renew on her computer
C. Run ARP /a on her computer
D. Run fix /all in your computer
E. Run Nbstat on her computer

Power supply. Explanation
Even if there are different BIOS, a continuous beep is just present in one BIOS the standard IBM

If you get a continuous beep, you have a problem with the ____

A. Hard disk drive
C. Video card
D. Power supply
E. Mouse

ACPI. Explanation
ACPI stands for Advanced configuration and power interface.

What is the current energy saving standard used by most PC?

C. ACPI (your answer)

You use accessibility options in control panel

From where do you configure the stickykeys, filterkeys, and togglekeys options ?

A. You use accessibility options in control panel
B. You use Disk manager
C. You use MMC
D. You use accessibility options in system tool on the start menu
E. You use Task manager

Unplug the printer . Explanation
The fire has not started yet

The printer suddenly stops working and you see smoke coming out. What should you do first?

A. Call your supervisor
B. Call your wife
C. Unplug the printer
D. Call the fire department
E. Get a fire extinguisher

Tracert, Pathping

Which utilities are used to isolate a problem between two computers on a TCP/IP network? Select two.

A. Ipconfig
B. Nslookup
C. DrWatson
D. Tracert
E. Pathping

You open Internet Explorer and select Internet options . Explanation
On the content tab in Internet options there are 3 buttons to clear the SSL state, certificates and Publishers

You have accepted a certificate but you are not sure if you did the right thing. How can you remove the certificate?

A. You open Internet Explorer and select Internet options
B. You run Disk Cleanup
C. You go to Task manager
D. You can't change certificates
E. You go in Windows Firewall

A misaligned Platen

The printouts of an impact printer are good on the left but fade when is printing on the right. What is most likely the cause?

A. A worn out printhead
B. A worn out ribbon
C. A misaligned Platen
D. A misaligned printhead

Right click on each printer job and select resume printing
Do nothing the print jobs will probably start on their own

You fixed a user printer. She tells you that she had two jobs waiting in the printer spool. What can you do to continue the printing process? Select two.

A. Right click on the print spool and select cancel
B. Right click on each printer job and select resume printing (missed)
C. Do nothing the print jobs will probably start on their own (missed)
D. Print jobs cannot be restarted (your answer)

Boot on safe mode. Explanation
On safe mode allow you to have simple video settings. Then you can fix the problem.

When a user boots his computer the monitor goes black. After investigating you find out that he set the refresh rate to high. How can you fix this problem?

A. Reboot the computer
B. Boot on safe mode
C. Press F1 while booting
D. Delete the boot.ini file

Surge suppressor

You want to protect your computer from high voltages. What should you buy?

B. Power outlet
C. Ground Fault interrupter
D. Surge suppressor
E. Loop back plug

Upset failure

Which of the following type of damage is caused by ESD?

A. Bio failure
B. Catastrophic failure
C. Upset failure
D. Simple failure
E. Complex failure

1 beep followed by 3-4 or 5 beeps

How many beeps would you hear if you have a problem with the motherboard?

A. 1 beep
B. 2 beeps
C. 1 beep 2 short beeps
D. 1 beep followed by 3-4 or 5 beeps

Partition table

The _____ has a map to the partitions on the Hard Disk Drive

B. Partition table
C. Program file table
D. IO.sys
E. OS table

Preventive maintenance plan

The ____ is a plan that helps prevent failures and reduce repair costs and downtime:

A. Disaster recovery plan
B. Recovery plan
C. Preventive maintenance plan
D. Network failure plan
E. Assistance Plan


While troubleshooting a printing problem. The customer start explaining in great detail what he was trying to do, when he tried to print and the fix he tried to do. At what point should you interrupt him?

A. After he describe the first problem
B. As soon as you understand the problem
C. If you are late
D. As soon as you have the solution
E. Never


What is the term to describe the right to use the software?

A. Copyright
B. Installation copy
C. Digital signature
D. License
E. User right

Align the screen

A user report that the stylus in his Tablet PC is not working well. What should you try first?

A. Align the screen
B. Run the service Windows Scanner
C. Disable and enable the stylus
D. Clean the stylus
E. Reinstall everything

Identify your self and your organization

What you shouldn't forget to do in front of a customer?

A. To offer him/her a drink.
B. To tell your rates
C. Identify your self and your organization
D. To fill out the paperwork
E. To recommend an on site visit

Disk Imaging

What term is used to describe one way to replicate an entire drive?

A. Partitioning
B. Disk copy
C. Disk replication
D. Disk Imaging

Lower price

What benefit has a laptop that uses shared memory compared to one with a separate video Ram?

A. Lower price
B. Better gaming experience
C. Faster data transfer
D. More colors

Unplug the scanner

What should you do when cleaning the glass of a flat bed scanner?

A. Leave the scanner on
B. Use isopropyl alcohol
C. Unplug the scanner
D. Call your supervisor
E. Look at the MSDS

Missing lines or dots on the page

What are the symptoms of a dried out ink nozzle?

A. Paper jams
B. Missing lines or dots on the page
C. Lines on the page
D. Print Heads that don't move

Press Ctrl + alt + delete. Explanation
You press Ctrl + alt + delete to call the task manager

What should you try first when an application locks up?

A. Press Ctrl + alt
B. Press the power button
C. Press Esc
D. Press Ctrl + alt + delete (correct answer)
E. Double click My computer (your answer)

Invalid drive or drive specification

Which one of the following errors, means that the BIOS cannot read the partition table information?

A. Hard Drive crash
B. Drive cannot be recovered
C. Replace SCSI bus
D. Bad RAM
E. Invalid drive or drive specification

The NIC is turned off

Your new laptop has built-in wireless but it isn't connecting to the access point. Which of the following could be the cause?

A. The NiC's driver is incorrect
B. The NIC is turned off
C. The NiC's encription is not enabled
D. The NIC has shorted out

The PC100 will operate at the same speed of the PC66, The system may not boot up because of the mismatched speeds

John bought a new motherboard with 3 DIMM slots. He purchased two 256MB PC100 DIMM. He then installed a 128 MB PC66 DIMM in the third slot. What will happen when he boots the system?

A. The PC66 will operate at the same speed of the PC100
B. The PC100 will operate at the same speed of the PC66
C. The system may display memory overflow
D. The system may not boot up because of the mismatched speeds

Disk Management

You want to assign a specific drive letter to a CD-ROM. which utility would allow you to do that.?

A. Removable storage
B. Printer and faxes
C. Services
D. Device Manager
E. Disk Management

4 5 3 2 1

Select the correct order in installing a CPU. 1. Install the cooling system 2. Lower the release lever arm 3. Holding the CPU by its edges, position it over the socket 4. Lift the release lever arm 5. Locate the orientation mark on the corner of the CPU and socket

A. 1 2 4 5 3
B. 4 5 3 2 1
C. 3 2 1 4 5
D. 4 3 2 5 1
E. 4 5 1 2 3

Dot matrix

What type of printer has a print head with pins that moves across the paper?

A. Thermal
B. Laser printer
C. Dot matrix
D. Ink jet
E. Middle jet

Interview the user

What's the first step in troubleshooting a printer or scanner?

A. Check the network
B. Go to the manufacturer's website
C. Interview the user
D. Open the printer/scanner
E. Call your supervisor

Cool, Dry. Explanation
Cool and Dry is a good environment for storing components, while is not so good when you need to work with ESD sensitive components.

What conditions are optimal in the area where you are storing computer components? Select all that apply.

A. Warm
B. Cool
C. Dry
D. Humid
E. Sunny

At the end of the cable

You have two hard drives set to cable select. Where should you place the drive that you want to be the C: drive?

A. In the center of the cable
B. At the end of the cable
C. It doesn't matter
D. You need to set the jumpers to master or slave

Device Driver

Which of the following is needed to configure a Plug and Play NIC in a Windows 2000 system?

A. Disk Management
C. Configuration software
D. Device Driver
E. Group policy

End to end data packet encryption, EAP user authentication

Which of the following advantages does WPA have over WEP? Select all that apply.

A. End to end data packet encryption (missed)
B. 128 bit data encryption
C. EAP user authentication (missed)
D. Encryption key integrity checking (your answer)
E. Virus protection
EAP is Extensible Authentication Protocol


Which component(s) prevent reflection on a bus topology network?

A. Terminator
B. Crossover cable
C. Uplink port
D. Multiple station
E. Loop back plug

10 meters. Explanation
10 meters are approximately 30 feet

What is the maximum range of current Bluetooth devices?

A. 5 feet
B. 10 feet
C. 10 meters (your answer)
D. 200 feet
E. 2 meters


What file should you check if your Windows XP installation has failed?

A. Install.log
B. Setuplog.txt
C. Setup.txt
D. Setup.log
E. Fail.log

S-12vta. Explanation
The combination of letters numbers and non alphanumeric make the strongest password.

Which of the following passwords will probably be the most secure one?

A. Unit23
B. Allymo
C. S-12vta
D. ttt123
E. johnash


Which of the following command would you use to install the Recovery Console?

A. d:\i386\winnt32/cmdcons
B. d:\i386\winnt32/cmd
C. d:\i386\winnt32/console
D. d:\i386\cmdcons
E. d:\i386\winnt32/commandline

Social engineering

What is the process of using or manipulating people to gain access to network resources?

A. Hacking
B. Network engineering
C. Social engineering
D. Overclocking
E. Social attack

They automatically scan e-mails, downloads, and running programs

What is a feature of virus shields?

A. They reduce the amount of spam
B. They protect against pishing
C. They protect against hackers
D. They stop pop-ups
E. They automatically scan e-mails, downloads, and running programs

Local security settings

Which of the following tools would enable you to stop a user from logging into a local machine but still enable him to log in onto the domain?

A. Policy settings
B. Group policy
C. User settings
D. Local security settings
E. EFS policy

Dumpster diving

Which of the following threats are categorized as social engineering? Select all that apply

A. Telephone scams
B. Spyware
C. Dumpster diving
D. Rootkit
E. Trojans

Use a conditioning charger , Discharge completely the battery before recharging it .Explanation
A battery need a cool place but the freezer is a bit too much

How do you correct the memory condition in a Ni-Cd battery? Select all apply.

A. Use a conditioning charger
B. Recharge the battery before it reaches 50% l that
C. Discharge completely the battery before recharging it
D. Leave the battery outside the window
E. Put the battery in the freezer

Print head

The print head gets very hot and can burn you

Which part of a dox-matrix is the most dangerous?

A. Print head
B. Primary corona
C. Ribbon
D. Feed mechanism
E. Cleaning blade

You need to add more RAM

While printing you see on the display "memory overflow error". What should you do in this situation?

A. You need to unplug/plug the cable
B. You need to add more RAM
C. Call you wife to say that you will be late
D. Open the printer and change the motor system
E. Turn off and then back on

Lint free cloth , Lint free cloth . Explanation
Clean water is distilled water

What is the best way to clean an LCD screen? Select all that apply

A. Denatured alchool
B. Clean water
C. Lint free cloth
D. Amoniaka
E. Normal napkin

Remove the battery, Wear anti static wrist strap

Which of the following actions should you always take when upgrading RAM in a laptop? Select all that apply.

A. Remove the power supply
B. Remove all the old Ram
C. Remove the battery
D. Wear anti static wrist strap
E. Remove the keyboard


Which protocol is used to transfer files between TCP/IP systems?


The number of times a user log in fails

Which of the following is a common event to audit?

A. The number of times a user log in
B. The number of times a user log off
C. When an application is opened
D. The number of times a user log in fails
E. The number of times an application fail

Show her that the printer is working. Explanation
After you fix something. Show the customer that is working.

You just fixed Mary's printer. Before you leave the job, what else should you do?

A. Nothing you are done
B. Ask her to pay you
C. Give her your bill
D. Show her that the printer is working
E. Write down the solution to the problem and give it to her

Unplug all the cables from the outlet

What is the best action during an lighting storm?

A. Pray that it stops
B. Turn the computer off
C. Use a surge suppressor
D. Unplug the printer
E. Unplug all the cables from the outlet

Takes notes while she explains the problem

A great way to understand the customer's problem is to:

A. Ask her to write down the information
B. Point at her
C. Avoid eye contact
D. Interrupt her when you want to say something
E. Takes notes while she explains the problem

Performance console

Which tool allows you to view logs and monitor real time data?

A. Device Manager
B. System Information
C. Log applet
D. Performance console
E. Event manager

Peer to peer. Explanation
There is no server involved.

Mike sets up a small LAN of five Windows XP PC connected to a router that connects to a DSL connection. What kind of network has he set up?

A. Domain based
B. Peer to peer
C. Client to peer
D. Client/server
E. Server/domain


What is either hardware or software that protects your computer or network from malicious users?

A. Router
B. Protocol
C. Kerberos
D. Firewall
E. Bridge

He is logged on as a guest

Jim tried to install a printer on his XP Professional but he can't go on because he doesn't have permission. Why he doesn't have permission?

A. He is logged on with a Local User account
B. He is logged on with a Power User account
C. He is logged on as a guest
D. He is logged on with an administrator account
E. He is logged on with a Back up User account

Don't be judgmental

Part of good communication is :

A. Don't be judgmental
B. Speak first
C. Use tech language
D. Interrupt the customer when you know the answer

Fuser is not reaching the proper temperature

If loose toner come out from a page. What can be the cause?

A. Transfer roller
B. The laser is not working
C. Fuser is not reaching the proper temperature
D. The scanning mirror need to be cleaned


Which are voltage level outputs by an AT power supply?

Signals to the CPU that power supply has stabilized and is producing clean, usable power levels. After receiving signal, system can proceed with booting

What's the purpose of the Power_Good signal?
A)Measures flow of electrons past a given point
B)Signals to the CPU that power supply has stabilized and is producing clean, usable power levels. After receiving signal, system can proceed with booting
C)Let's Users know the computer has finished booting and user can log in.

Never touch exposed electrical contacts

Touch only insulated handles and parts

Never insert anything in a wall outlet other than a plug for the outlet

Which of these are electrical safety precautions you should follow when working with electronic equipment.[Choose all]
A)Never touch exposed electrical contacts
B)Touch only insulated handles and parts
C)Never insert anything in a wall outlet other than a plug for the outlet
D)Keep hands wet


Which provides greater power conditioning and protection: a surge protector or a UPS


What multimeter modes can you use to determine if a wire is whole or broken?

Increase humidity
Keep grounded
Air Ionization

Which of these ways can be used to prevent static buildup?
A)drag your feet across the carpet
B)Increase humidity
C)Keep grounded
D)Air Ionization


You're about to open a PC's case. To limit the likelihood of a static discharge, you plan to touch the chassis to dissipate any bulit-up static charges. Should you unplug the computer from the wall outlet(Yes or No)


How many ohms does a multimeter read for a closed circuit,such as a good fuse or good wire?


How many ohms does a multimeter read for a closed circuit,such as a good fuse or good wire?


Which are more common: brownouts or blackouts?

Converts wall voltage to DC voltage used by the computer's other components

What is a PC power supply?
A)Force that opposes flow of DC through a conductor
B)Converts wall voltage to DC voltage used by the computer's other components
C)Device that filters out spikes/surges


What internal component generally uses the most power?

All of the above

Which of these settings are configurable through the BIOS settings?
A)System Data and Time
B)Drive Boot Order
C)Disabling Ports
D)All of the above

Clock rest to June 1, 1970

What's one symptom of a failed CMOS battery?


T or F: The BIOS and the CMOS are the same thing.


You hear one short beep when you first turn on your computer. What problem does it indicate?


You hear one short beep when you first turn on your computer. What problem does it indicate?

Turn on your computer from a powered off state

How do you cold-boot a computer?
A)Click restart
B)Turn on your computer from a powered off state

PC manufacturer

What is the best source for BIOS updates?

An unbootable computer

A BIOS update failure usually results in:
A)An unbootable computer
B)Foul odor or smoke
C)Continuous crashes
D)Failure to start programs

Keyboard error

What does a beep code error of 3 long beeps indicate?
A)No problem
B)Video adapter
C)BIOS problem
D)Keyboard error

An unbootable computer

A BIOS update failure usually results in:

Keyboard error

What does a beep code error of 3 long beeps indicate?

All of the above

You receive the CMOS error message "CMOS checksum failure". What does that indicate?[Choose all]
A)Boot block virus
B)CMOS error detected
C)CMOS chip bad
D)CMOS Battery likely dead
E)All of the above

2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz

You're planning a wireless installation in a very populated area, and you'd like to perform an audit of existing wireless spectrum usage to avoid any conflicts. What frequency is used by 802.11n wireless networks?

A) 2.4 GHz

B) 5 GHz

C) 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz

D) 2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz

E) Ask Kenneth

Video output

You're reading through the hardware documentation on a new laptop, and you notice that one of the ports is identified as a DE-15. What is the most common use of a DE-15 port?

A) Audio output

B) Removable storage interface

C) Mouse and keyboard

D) Video output

E) It's one of those ports that comes with the computer but doesn't actually do anything

Windows Recovery Console

One of your clients has deleted a critical system file from the Windows boot partition, and now the operating system won't start. Which of these options provides you with the best method to replace the files?

A) Windows Recovery Console

B) Safe Mode

C) Automated System Recovery

D) Last Known Good Configuration

E) The Large Hammer


Which of these best describes a Bluetooth network?





E) Scratchy


You've been asked to put together a hardware configuration for a Windows Media Center PC in a corporate media center. What is the maximum number of video tuners that can be used in Windows XP Media Center?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

E) Video is pictures, not numbers. Duh.

Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Business

Which of these Windows Vista versions allow an incoming connection using Remote Desktop Connection? Pick two.

A) Windows Vista Ultimate

B) Windows Vista Home Premium

C) Windows Vista Business

D) Windows Vista Home Basic

E) Windows Vista Funky Fresh Edition


The New Low Profile Extended motherboard was a great idea that didn't manage to last over the long-term. The NLX motherboard could be replaced in minutes without any screws and without disconnecting any adapter cards

Which motherboard type was designed for ease of maintenance by separating the main motherboard from the riser card? This motherboard was also one of the first designed to support an Accelerated Graphics Port as part of the motherboard.




D) microATX


Any of the above

The ability to create a redundant array of disk isn't dependent on the disk type, although the same disk type is usually together in a single RAID array.

You've been asked to put together a RAID array for a new server. Which of these disk types can be combined to create a RAID array?




D) Any of the above

E) Redundancy is overrated. Redundancy is overrated.

Class B

The first octet of a Class B IP address range between 128 and 191. Since 165 is somewhere in the middle, it qualifies as a Class B address

What IP class is this IP address: ?

A) Class A

B) Class B

C) Class C

D) Class D

E) Class clown


You've been asked to troubleshoot a computer that you've never seen before. What utility can provide you with a system summary of the computer, detailed component information, and specifics of the software environment?

A) msinfo32

B) regedit

C) dxdiag

D) msconfig

E) lateral_sensor_array

The hard drive has failed
The hard drive cable is loose or disconnected

If a boot device isn't found, it's because the computer can't find a bootable partition anywhere. This could be because of a hardware failure or a simple loose cable. If a Windows directory was missing, you'd get a completely different Windows-based message.

When starting your computer, you receive the message "No boot device available - strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup." What might cause this error? Pick two.

A) The hard drive has failed

B) The hard drive cable is loose or disconnected

C) The Windows directory has been deleted

D) The device boot order is incorrect

E) As the message clearly states, the computer is on strike

- (hyphen)
_ (underscore)

The special characters of a filename are specific to the operating system and underlying file system. Unfortunately, smiley faces don't make good filenames.

In Windows XP running the NTFS file system, which of these characters would be allowed in a filename? Pick two.

A) " (quotation mark)

B) - (hyphen)

C) _ (underscore)

D) ? (question mark)

E) : ) (smiley face)

The file has been modified since the last backup

The archive attribute is a bit that's either on or off. If a file is changed, the archive bit turns "on." Many backup applications look for the archive bit to determine if the file is different than what's in the backup. Once the file is backed up, the archive bit is reset.

A file on your hard drive has the "archive" attribute set. What does this mean?

A) You cannot change the contents of the file

B) The file has been modified since the last backup

C) The file is a system file

D) The file is a hidden file

E) The file contains an historical record that will be cherished by future generations

The toner is low

As the amount of toner decreases, the printed page will begin to fade as less toner makes it from the cartridge to the printed page. Once the toner cartridge is replaced, the page will return to the normal dark printing.

The output from your laser printer is readable, but over the last week the content of every printed page has gradually faded. Instead of dark print, the information on the page is now a shade of gray. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A) A faulty printer driver

B) The printer nozzles are clogged

C) The photosensitive drum is scratched

D) The toner is low

E) The printer is completely unmotivated

A worm can replicate itself without any user intervention

There are good worms and bad worms, but the thing that sets a worm apart from a virus or spyware is its unique ability to replicate without user intervention. A worm can move from machine to machine without a user clicking any buttons or actively running any programs.

What is the fundamental characteristic that defines a computer worm?

A) A worm causes massive operating system outages

B) A worm intentionally modifies the contents of files

C) A worm captures keystrokes

D) A worm can replicate itself without any user intervention

E) A computer worm eats very little and you won't even know he's there


The POP3 protocol is used to transfer mail from a mail server to your computer, and it commonly uses TCP port 110 to provide the POP3 service.

What TCP port number does Post Office Protocol version 3 use?

A) tcp/80

B) tcp/21

C) tcp/25

D) tcp/110

E) If you use it on a wireless network, you can't see any ports


The default gateway is the router that is used to send IP traffic to other IP subnets, and one of the fastest ways to display your IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway is with the ipconfig command.

While on the phone with technical support, the technician asks you to provide your default gateway. What command line utility would be the easiest way to get this information?

A) msinfo

B) dxdiag

C) ipconfig

D) regedit

E) sodium-pentothal

There's no easy way to recover from a BIOS upgrade that fails in the middle of the process

The BIOS is the fundamental software that your entire computer starts from, so if it gets damaged your computer can't boot. There are some motherboards that have an emergency BIOS repair process, and some repair centers can physically solder a new BIOS chip onto the motherboard. Clearly, this is a problem that you don't want to happen!

You're performing a BIOS upgrade on a desktop computer, but during the upgrade the power cord was accidentally kicked out of the computer. What's the best next step to recover from this interruption?

A) Restart the BIOS upgrade process from the beginning

B) Revert to the previous BIOS version and try the upgrade again

C) Boot to the Windows Recovery Console and try the BIOS upgrade again

D) There's no easy way to recover from a BIOS upgrade that fails in the middle of the process

E) Coffee. Lots of coffee.

Four devices

Unlike PATA (which can support two devices on each interface), SATA connections can only support a single device.

Your new motherboard comes with four SATA ports. What is the maximum number of SATA devices that it can support?

A) Two at any time, using any of the four interfaces

B) Four devices

C) Eight devices

D) The maximum number of devices will be dependent on the SATA speeds of the devices

E) Get a soldering iron, some baling wire, and a mess of frozen peas and you can squeeze quite a few of those in there.

The computer is a database server that provides services for hundreds of simultaneous users

Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory is often seen in high-end motherboards that provide important services or software functions. Unlike normal parity memory, ECC memory can find and fix errors. ECC memory generally costs more, so you usually see motherboards designed for ECC memory when there's a specific need.

You're working on a computer that requires ECC memory. In what situations is ECC memory commonly used?

A) The computer is used for Internet browsing and office suite software

B) The computer is a database server that provides services for hundreds of simultaneous users

C) The computer is a standalone kiosk used for electronic job applications

D) The computer is used in a lab for testing in-house applications prior to formal release

E) The computer is a gaming system that's only used on 25-main raids every Tuesday night. More dots!

The 80-wire cables have reduced crosstalk between the signal wires

The extra wires in an 80-wire cable aren't used to pass traffic, but they can reduce the amount of crosstalk between the signal wires. This becomes especially important as the speed increases.

There are 40-wire PATA cables and 80-wire PATA cables, but they both have 40 pins on each connector. Why are there 80-wire PATA cables if there are only 40 pins connectors?

A) The 80-wire cables can also be used for SATA drives

B) The 80-wire cables are more durable

C) The 80-wire cables have reduced crosstalk between the signal wires

D) The 80-wire cables can support twice as many drives than a 40-wire cable

E) Twice the wires make all of the data twice as useful!


Hyper-threading is an Intel technology that improves the performance of a single CPU by virtualizing the CPU and managing threads as if it were two separate processors. The overall performance is usually improved by 15% to 30%.

Which CPU technology virtualizes a single CPU to make it appear as if it was two separate processors? Your operating system must be specifically written to take advantage of this technology.

A) Hyper-threading


C) CPU throttling

D) Multi-core

E) "Evil Captain Kirk" technology

SATA revision 1.0
Although SATA revision 1.0 is the relatively old first-generation of SATA technology, the 1.5 gigabits per second of throughput exceed the other technologies listed here:

SATA revision 1.0 = 1.5 gigabits per second
USB 2.0 = 480 megabits per second
Firewire 400 = 400 megabits per second
Fast Ethernet = 100 megabits per second (200 megabits per second using full-duplex)

Among these interface types, which one provides the fastest throughput?

A) SATA revision 1.0

B) USB 2.0

C) Firewire 400

D) Fast Ethernet

E) Kevin Harvick's number 29

The Windows XP installation media

Although you can configure Windows XP to provide an option for the Recovery Console during the startup process, you can guarantee access to the Recovery Console using the Windows installation media.

You're working on a Windows XP system that is having problems booting, and you'd like to use the Windows XP Recovery Console to copy over some new files. Unfortunately, you've not configured Windows XP to use the Recovery Console as one of your startup options. What disk will you need to start the Recovery Console?

A) The Windows XP Emergency Repair Disk

B) The Windows XP installation media

C) A 3rd-party LiveCD utility disk

D) A Linux-based bootable USB flash drive

E) James Taylor Live, or something else mellow


RAID 1 (mirroring) and RAID 5 (striping with parity) both provide redundancy if you lose a hard drive. RAID 0 (striping) provides high performance, but there's no redundancy if a drive crashes.

Which of these RAID types provide redundancy when a drive fails? Pick two.




D) RAID 00

E) Redundancy? Who really needs redundancy?