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European Explorers, The Columbian Exchange, and Slavery (5th Grade)


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The Columbian Exchange
-Began in 1492 with Columbus' voyage to find a new trade route to Asia
-Exchange of plants, animals, disease, people between Old and New worlds
-Resulted in cultural diffusion between European and Native American ways of life
-European colonizers needed laborers for cash crops
-Indigenous people died due to disease or war, or became Christian and could not be enslaved as workers
-Began capturing native people from Africa and selling them to plantation owners
-Treatment of slaves was dehumanizing and inhumane
Cultural Diffusion
A blend of customs, beliefs, and way of life from different groups of people
Cash Crop
Crops grown to be sold for profit rather than be used by the farmer
Originating from a particular place; native
to deprive someone of human qualities, personality or spirit
(To treat people so badly that they lose their good human qualities)
Lacking compassion or kindness; cruel
Diseases brought to Americas from Europe, Asia, and Africa
-Small Pox
-Whooping Cough
What goods went from the Old World to the New World?
What goods went from the New World to the Old World