APUSH Essential Dates

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Jamestown/John Smith
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Compromise of 18501850Kansas-Nebraska Act1854Civil War1861-1865Compromise of ____ - End of Reconstruction1877Theodore Roosevelt is President1901-1909America Enters WWI1918Stock Market Crash (Start of the Great Depression)1929FDR Elected President1932Pearl Harbor - US Enters WWIIDecember 7, 1941Hiroshima/Nagasaki - WWII Ends1945Korean War1950-1953Cuban Missile Crisis1962Climax of the 60s (Tet Offensive, MLK and RFK Killed, Nixon Elected)1968Mr. Loomis's Birthday! 🎈July 15, 1978Ronald Reagan Elected1980Berlin Wall Falls1989Desert Storm (First Gulf War)1991Monica Lewinsky Scandal/Clinton Impeached19989/11 Terrorist AttacksSeptember 11, 2001Invasion of Iraq (Second Gulf War)2004First Black President - Barack Obama2008Election of Donald Trump/First Woman Nominee2016Your APUSH ExamFriday, May 6 at 8:00amCoronavirus Global Pandemic2020Graduation! 🎓May 22, 2022