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Misc Board Questions ; MDC Dental Hygiene

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Cone-shaped teeth are characteristic of
ectodermal dysplasia
What is the origin of the epithelium that lines periapical cysts?
Rests of Malassez
The leading cause of death in industrialized Western countries is
ischemic heart disease
Vital minerals associated with fluid balance
sodium & potassium
A mass formed from the constituents of the blood within the vessels or the heart during life
Innervation of the submandibular and sublingual salivary glands is supplied by which nerve?
Facial Nerve
Which one of the following muscles is innervated by the facial nerve and the trigeminal nerve?
digastric nerve
Which one of the following muscles functions to depress the hyoid bone?
Rectangular collimation reduces scatter radiation by _%?
Pulmonary edema is often a sign of
left sided heart failure
What heart chamber has the thickest valve?
left ventricle
Angina can be relieved by
When the left ventricle contracts, which valve opens?
Aortic valve
Some risk factors for infective endocarditis is:
coronary heart disease
previous use of phen/fen
mitral valve prolapse
prosthetic heart valves
adenoma of the pituitary gland is
The sum of all ventricular cell depolarizations (the main contraction of the heart)?
QRS complex
Which blood vessel carries oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart?
pulmonary vein
The stimulus of respiration is controlled by amount of carbon dioxide in...
arterial blood
Characteristics of Cushing's syndrome:
results from hyperfunction of the adrenal gland
characterized by delayed wound healing
characterized by "buffalo hump"
Exophthalmos, nervousness, tachycarrdia, heat intolerance, and hypertension most likely suggest:
25. Deoxygenated blood from the body enters which heart chamber?
Right atrium
Which of the following abscesses is associated with infrabony pockets?
periodontal absess
The junctional epithelium is attached to the cementum via:
collagenase, elastase, glucoronidase and hyaluronidase destroy which tissue of the periodontium?
Connective Tissue
A frenum pull is what kind of defect?
mucogingival defect
Localized aggressive perio primarily effects
Prognosis for grade III furcation
Goal of root planing:
Gain connective tissue attachment
Characteristics of Opsonins
facilitate phagocytosis
coat antigens
enhance ingestion of bacteria
Collagen fibers trapped in the precementum matrix as it calcifies are known as
sharpey's fibers
Examples of connective tissue fiber...
circular, transseptal, dentogingival
The lack of bone covering the root in a cleft formation is called:
Bacteria associated with NUG
prevotella intermedia
Which of the following toothpaste ingredients has been associated with gingival lesions?
sodium lauryl sulfate
Acellular cementum is located...
on the cervical 1/3 of root
Cell that produces collagen
Periodontal disease alters what kind of cell?
Vertical bone loss is what kind of pocket?
Which layer of epithelium lies adjacent to connective tissue?
stratum basale
What layer is missing in lining mucosa?
stratum corneum
In the oral mucosa, what layer is actively dividing?
stratum basale
The cell that provides the natural coloration of the oral mucosa and the epidermis is
The connective tissue covering the outside of bone is called
Alveolar bone resembles____ histologically?
The thickened band of oral epithelium that will become the enamel organ is called
dental lamina
Structure of enamel organ that becomes ameloblasts
inner enamel epithelium
When does root formation begin?
When crown is formed but not fully calcified
If epithelial rests are left in the periodontal ligament after tooth development, what could occur?
a cyst
When is the developing root completely formed?
2-3 years after eruption
What is the primary function of the periodontal ligament?