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12 Angry Men


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Who is the author of 12 Angry Men
Reginald Rose
What is the setting of the play
A large, bare, drab jury room of the New York Court of Law on a very hot summer afternoon in 1957
What are the charges against the defendent
Premeditated homicide in the first degree
What is the punishment facing the defendent
Death by electrocution
Which juror is a football coach at Andrrew J. McCorkle High School in Queens, and changes his vote in the fifth vote
The foreman
Which juror offers cough drops, works at a bank, has a son with the mumps and changes his vote in the fourth vote
The 2nd juror
Which juror runs a messenger service, has a son, who he fought with and hasn't seen in two years, plays tic-tac-toe with the 12th juror, tells the 8th juror he is going to kill him, and is the last to change his vote
The 3rd juror
Which juror is a broker, had recently attended the movies, and wears glasses
The 4th juror
Which juror is a Milwaukee fan, has lived in a slum his whole life, is the third juror to change his vote, and figures that the old man took longer than he stated to reach the door
The 5th juror
Which juror is a painter, and changes his vote in the fourth vote
The 6th juror
Which juror has tickets to a baseball game, is a salesman, and changes his vote to "get it over with"
The 7th juror
Which juror votes not guilty from the first vote, has two children, goes out a buys a switch blade exactly the same as the one used in the murder, and is an architect
The 8th juror
Which juror is an old man, changes his vote in the second vote, and notices many insignificant details about the old male witness
The 9th juror
Which juror has a hot weather cold, but changes his vote so that "you smart bastards can do whatever you want"
The 10th juror
Which juror has a German accent, is a watchmaker, and is the fourth juror to change his vote
The 11th juror
Which juror works at an ad agency, plays tic-tac-toe with the third juror, and changes his vote in the fifth vote, but then changes to guilty, and then changes his vote again
The 12th juror
What two teams are playing in the baseball game
The Yankees and Cleveland
Who is the pitcher for the Yankees
What is the outcome of the first vote
1 not guilty, 11 guilty
How old was the defendent when his mother died
Why was the defendent's father in jail for a year and a half
Who says that they heard the defendent kill his father
The old man who lives beneath the boy and his father, who saw the boy running down the stairs after the murder
What was the approximate time of the murder
Ten after Twelve
What was the defendent's alibi
He was at a movie
Who claims that they saw the boy kill his father through a window
The women who lives across the el tracks
How many times has the defendent been arrested`
Why was the defendent in Children's Court at the age of 10
He threw a rock at his teacher
Why was the defendent in Reform School at the age of 14
For steeling a car
What else had the defendent been arrested for
Mugging, and attempting to knife someone, twice
What type of knife is the murder weapon
A switch knife
What does the defendent claim happened to his knife on the night of the murder
It fell out of his pocket
What did the defendent plan to do with the knife he bought
Give it to his friend, whose knife he had broken three weeks beforehand
What is the outcome of the second vote
2 for not guilty, 10 for guilty
What is the outcome of the third vote
3 for not guilty, 9 for guilty, but then one juror changes his mind for a 4 for not guilty vote and an 8 for guilty vote
How long does it take for the old man to get from his bedroom to the door
42 seconds
What is the result of the fourth vote
6 for guilty and 6 for not guilty
What is the result of the fifth vote
9 for not guilty, and 3 for guilty
How is the women's testimony proven incorrect
She had glasses marks on her nose, but wasn't wearing when she witnessed the murder
How is the man's testimony proven incorrect
He couldnt hear over the elevated train, and couldnt reach the doorin time
What is the final verdict
Not guilty