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3 terms

Demonstrative pronoun

este this ese that aquel that one over there Remember that in Spanish, adjectives have four forms: masculine singular, masculine plural, feminine singular, feminine plural. For example the adjective "short" has four forms in Spanish: bajo, bajos, baja, bajas. el chico bajo los chicos bajos la chica baja las chicas bajas The demonstrative adjectives also have four forms: este libro (this book) estos libros (these books) esta pluma (this pen) estas plumas (these pens) ese libro (that book) esos li…
este, estos, esta, estas
THIS: este (masculine), esta (feminine), this (one) (these [ones])
este libro (this book)
estos libros (these books) THESE: estos (masculine, or masculine and
esta pluma (this pen)
estas plumas (these pens),
ese, esos, esa, esas
ese that = feminine together), estas (feminine)
ese libro (that book)
esos libros (those books)
esa pluma (that pen)
esas plumas (those pens)

Esa (f): That
Ese (m): That
Eso: (used at the end of the sentence, with no objects attatched):
aquel, aquellos, aquellos, aquellas
aquello (that matter/thing over there) THOSE: esos,
aquel - that one over there
aquellos (masculine, or masculine + feminine together), esas, aquellas (feminine)

aquel libro (that book over there)
aquellos libros (those books over there)
aquellos pluma (that pen over there)
aquellas plumas (those pens over there)