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closet to the sun; takes only 88 days to revolve around the sun c
is the brightest planet in our sky and can sometimes be seen with the naked eye if you know where to look. (rocky planet)
has more water than land; the only planet where life exists The red spot of Jupiter is the biggest, most violent storm in the known universe
the is the home of "Olympus Mons", the largest volcano found in the solar system. (rocky planet)
is the largest planet in the solar system, but it spins very quickly on its axis. It's red spot is the biggest, most violent storm in the known universe. (gassy planet)
is the second biggest planet, but it's also the lightest planet. If there was a bathtub big enough to hold Saturn, it would float in the water! It has rings! (gassy planet)
its axis is at a 97 degree angle, meaning that it orbits lying on its side! Talk about a lazy planet. (gassy planet)
has a dark spot caused by a storm; it takes 165 years to revolve around the sun (gassy planet)

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