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lymphatic system

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Injection of antibodies
Artificial passive immunity
Nonspecific immunity
General protection
mothers milk
natural passive immunity
Artificial active exposure
specific immunity
adaptive immunity
a protien compound normally found in the body
type of very specific antibodies produced from a population of identical cells
humoral immunity
antibody-mediated immunity
complement cascade
process of changing molecule shape to expose binding sites
the test hCG is for
inactive protiens in blood
most numerous cell of the immune system
Activated b cells
occurs third in the immune process
which is produced in the last stage of the immune process
increase white blood cells
moderate exercize does what to the white blood cells?
part of the cell membrane on a b cell
immature b cells
which cell has one specific kind of defense mechanism on the cell membrane
plasma cells
what cell produces the largest number of antibodies
humoral immunity
b cells indirectly produce what kind of immunity
cell mediated immunity
t cells function produces what kind of immunity
thymus gland
where do lymphocytes come from?
plasma cells
what secretes antibodies into the blood.. 2,000 antibody molecules for every second they live
blocks HIVs ability to reproduce within infected cells
defense, white blood cell formation and biological filtration
functions of the lymph nodes
palantine, pharyneal and lingual
name 3 tonsils
t cells
what produces cell mediated immunity, kills invading cells by releasing a substance that poisons cells, releases chemical that attract and activate macrophages to kill cells by phagocytosis
skin, tears and mucous and inflammation
name 3 examples of non specefic immunity