Chapter 15 Geri


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What are the 5 stages of grieving? Fill in
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
_____ can interfere with a dying person's ability to communicate and complete end-of-life tasks. Fill in
A good death is characterized by: Fill in
Comfort, peace, dignity, and caring
What is the purpose of the advanced directive? SATA
a) Specify type and amount of intervention defined.
b) Remains in affect until changed
c) Copies to dr, hospital, long-term facility, and power of attorney
d) Prevents last minute confusion and possible violation of reasons, wishes
The essential piece of information that is significant in making a decision reqarding whether to have a life extending treatment done is?
Whether the quality of life will improve after procedure
____ control is a priority need for the dying patient. Fill in
Legal pronouncement of death is made by the ____ . Fill in
A ______ person retains the right to change his or her mind about tx at any time, even if txs have already began. fill in
Sometimes healthcare providers are so focused on preventing illness they may view death as a personal or professional failure. T/F
Bluish mottling of extremities is a _____ _____ of impending death.
Cardiovascular sign
The objective of pain control for the dying patient is to?
Reducing pain but keeping them comfortable and as alert as possible
A small dose of morphine is helpful in controlling the end-of-life symptom of?
How much fluid would a patient be able to tolerate drinking per day if given a bulk forming stool agent?
2,000 mL
The role of the nurse while working with the bereaved include: SATA
a) Guidance
b) Resource
c) Patient
d) Advocate
e) Support
While working with the bereaved at the time of death, the nurse should: SATA
a) Ensure privacy
b) Allow time to express feelings
c) Observe spiritual and cultural preferences
What does post-mortem care consist of? SATA
a) Cleaning up the body
b) Allow family time
c) Remove tubes before family visits
d) Clean clothes
e) Privacy for family
f) Move room mate to another room
g) Prepare body culturally
h) Document time of death
i) Dentures/glasses
A person's perceptions about end-of-life care are dependent on? SATA
a) Age
b) Gender
c) Cultural background
d) Life experience
What is the best way to reduce the threat of aspiration of a dying person?
Side-lying position
Because of a dying person's diminished vision where should a caregiver stand to be seen by the patient?
Close to the bed, directly in front of the patient
When the dying patient becomes delirious it is important for the nurse to encourage the family to? SATA
a) Touch the patient
b) Call them by name
c) Speak in reassuring tones
List the 5 signs death has occurred: Fill in
1. Absence of heart beat
2. Absence of respiration
3. Eyes open, no blinking
4. Pupils dilated
5. Mouth open slightly
6. No responses
Lack or loss of appetite, resulting in the inability to eat
General ill health and malnutrition marked by weakness and emaciation, usually associated with severe disease, such as tb or cancer
As in respirations, an abnormal pattern of respirations, characterized by alternating periods of apnea and deep, rapid breathing
Ethical dilemmas
Questions or problems related to moral values or principals
A multidisciplinary system of family-centered care designed to assist the terminally ill person to be comfortable and to maintain a satisfactory lifestyle through the phases of dying
A unit of a hospital with facilities for the storage and autopsy of the dead
As in tx, therapy designed to relieve or reduce intensity of uncomfortable systems but not to produce a cure, such as narcotics to relieve pain