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administer (v)
[often passive] administer something to manage and organize the affairs of a company, an organization, a country, etc.
advance (v)
1. if knowledge, technology, etc. advances, it develops and improves
2. to move forward towards somebody/something, often in order to attack or threaten them or it
ally (n)
[countable] a country that has agreed to help and support another country, especially in case of a war
altruism (n)
the fact of caring about the needs and happiness of other people more than your own
amiability (adj)
the quality of being pleasant or friendly and easy to like
arm (v)
1. to provide weapons for yourself/somebody in order to fight a battle or a war
2. arm something to make a bomb, etc. ready to explode
barb (n)
the point of an arrow or a hook that is curved backwards to make it difficult to pull out
be in your blood (idiom)
to be a natural part of your character and of the character of other members of your family
besides (prep)
in addition to somebody/something; apart from somebody/something
bombshell (n)
an event or a piece of news which is unexpected and usually unpleasant
an important development that may lead to an agreement or achievement
burn your bridges (idiom)
to do something that makes it impossible to return to the previous situation later
bury the hatchet (idiom)
to stop being unfriendly and become friends again
charm (n)
1. [uncountable] the power of pleasing or attracting people
2. [countable] a small object worn on a chain or bracelet, that is believed to bring good luck
civilian (n)
connected with people who are not members of the armed forces or the police
coalition (n)
a government formed by two or more political parties working together
discriminate (v)
to treat one person or group worse/better than another in an unfair way
doubtless (adv)
almost certainly
faze (v)
[often passive] (informal) to make you feel confused or shocked, so that you do not know what to do
fight a losing battle (idiom)
to try to do something that you will probably never succeed in doing
frankly (adv)
1. in an honest and direct way that people might not like
2. used to show that you are being honest about something, even though people might not like what you are saying
freely (adv)
1. without anyone trying to prevent or control something
2. without anything stopping the movement or flow of something
furthermore (adv)
in addition to what has just been stated. Furthermore is used especially to add a point to an argument
gladiatorial (adj)
(in ancient Rome) connected with gladiators (= men trained to fight other men or animals in order to entertain the public)
glass ceiling (n)
the way in which unfair attitudes can stop women, or other groups, from getting the best jobs in a company, etc. although there are no official rules to prevent them from getting these jobs
grind to a halt (idiom)
to go slower gradually and then stop completely
heated (adj)
1. (of a person or discussion) full of anger and excitement
2. (of a room, building, etc.) made warmer using a heater
insurgent (n)
fighting against the government or armed forces of their own country
invulnerability (n)
the fact of not being able to be harmed or defeated; safety
jump the gun
to do something too soon, before the right time
a drug addict (= a person who is unable to stop taking dangerous drugs)
laugh off
(informal) to try to make people think that something is not serious or important, especially by making a joke about it
maternity leave
a period of time when a woman temporarily leaves her job to have a baby
used to introduce some new information that adds to or supports what you have said previously
open up old wounds
to remind somebody of something unpleasant that happened or existed in the past
positive action
the practice of policy of making sure that a particular number of jobs, etc. are given to people from groups that are often treated unfairly because of their race, sex, etc.
1. to say or give something formally, officially or publicly
2. to make the sound of a word or letter in a particular way
1. to cause a particular reaction or have a particular effect
2. to say or do something that you know will annoy somebody so that they react in an angry way
1. reinforcements [plural] extra soldiers or police officers who are sent to a place because more are needed
2. [uncountable, singular] the act of making something stronger, especially a feeling or an idea
role model
a person that you admire and try to copy
set your sights on sth/on doing sth
to decide that you want something and to try very hard to get it
shake sth (off)
to get rid of an illness
1. a person who does things in an entertaining way and is good at getting people's attention
2. a person who organizes public entertainments, especially at fairgrounds
spark sth (off)
to cause sth to start or develop, especially suddenly
1. [uncountable, countable, usually singular] a disagreement or a situation in a competition in which neither side is able to win or make any progress
2. [uncountable, singular] (in chess) a situation in which a player cannot successfully move any of their pieces and the game ends without a winner
beliefs or judgements about people based on fixed ideas about them which are often not true
stick to your guns
(informal) to refuse to change your mind about something even when other people are trying to persuade you that you are wrong
to boot (idiom)
(old-fashioned or humorous) used to add a comment to something that you have said
(formal) the act of going against or refusing to obey a law, an agreement, etc.
gaining enjoyment from watching the problems and private lives of others
wit (n)
1. [uncountable, singular] the ability to say or write things that are both clever and amusing
2. wits [plural] your ability to think quickly and clearly and to make good decisions
to change a law, document, statement, etc. slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it
1. [uncountable, countable] the act of slowly affecting or using up too much of somebody's time, rights, personal life, etc.
2. [uncountable] the act of slowly covering more and more of an area
1. [uncountable] the action of one object or surface moving against another
2. disagreement or a lack of friendship among people who have different opinions about something
(formal) to prevent something from happening or make it happen more slowly or less frequently than normal
very important or serious, especially because there may be important results
remedy (n)
1. a treatment or medicine to cure a disease or reduce pain that is not very serious
2. a way of dealing with or improving an unpleasant or difficult situation
road rage
a situation in which a driver becomes extremely angry or violent with the driver of another car because of the way they are driving
root (n)
1. [countable] the part of a plant that grows under the ground and absorbs water and minerals that it sends to the rest of the plant
2. the main cause of something, such as a problem or difficult situation
3. the origin or basis of something
stick in your mind
(of a memory, an image, etc.) to be remembered for a long time