BUS 221 - Ch 2 MC and T or F

T or F: Under a long arm statute, a state court can compel someone outside the state to appear in the court.
T or F: Doing substantial business in a jurisdiction over the Internet can be enough to support a court's jurisdiction over a nonresident defendant.
T or F: The USSC (SupremeCourt) is the final authority for any case decided by a state court.
False ; Can only over-rule state court decisions that involve questions of federal law
T or F: Suits involving federal questions originate in federal district courts.
T or F: Most lawsuits go to trail.
T or F: In mediation, a mediator makes a decision on the matter in dispute.
False; mediators assist the parties in reaching an agreement, but NOT by deciding the dispute.
T or F: A party in an arbitration agreement may be compelled to arbitrate a dispute.
T or F: The jury verdict, in summary jury trail, is binding.
T or F: A major similarity between negotiation and mediation is that no third parties are involved.
T or F: In binding arbitration, an arbitrator's decision is usually the final word.
USA Corp, which is based in Texas, advertises on the Web. A court in Illinois would be most likely to exercise jurisdiction over USA if they....
conducted substantial business with Illinois residents at its site.
Kim and Lou agree to dissolve their partnership but cannot agree on the division of assets and profits. They decide to mediate their dispute. The advantages of mediation include:
1. Lower cost than arbitration
2. Resolutions that benefit both sides
3. The speed with which a dispute can be resolved, compared to arbitration
Central Business Corp was incorporated in Delaware, has its main office in New Jersey and does business in New York. Central is subject to the jurisdiction of...
Delaware, New Jersey, or New York.
Standard Marketing Inc loses its suit against Top Sales Corp. Standard's best group for an appeal is the trial court's interpretation of...
the law that applied to the issues in the case.
Jon files a suit against Kay, and loses. Jon appeals, and loses again. The USSC is...
Not required to hear the case.
Carol files a suit against Don. Before going to trial, the parties meet with their attorneys to represent them, to try to resolve the dispute without involving a third party. This is...
Pat and Quin submit their dispute to binding arbitration. A court can set aside the arbitrator's award if...
the award violates public policy
Sam files a suit against Tia. They meet, and their attorneys present the case to a jury. The jury renders a non-binding verdict, after which the parties try to reach an agreement. This is....
a summary jury trial
Eagle Company, which is based in Florida, owns commercial property in Georgia. A dispute arises over the ownership of the property with Holly, a resident of Alabama. Holly files a suit against Eagle in Georgia. In this suit, Georgia has...
"in rem" jurisdiction
Lee sues Mica in a state trail court. Lee loses the suit. If Lee wanted to appeal, the most appropriate court in which to file the appeal is...
the state appellate court