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Psyc Test 2

The neuron's cell membrane permits some substances to pass through but not others" this is because the membrane is
Brain and spine
A neurologist says that your aunt has a condition affecting her central nervous system. You know from your book that the parts affected are the
Which division of the nervous system is composed of all the nerves that branch from the brain and spinal chord?
Just before you went on a job interview you broke out into a cold sweat, experienced shortness of breath and felt a need to go to the bathroom. These symptoms were most likely produced by you ____ nervous system
A person who walks in a jerky uncoordinated way may well have a disorder involving the ______
Medulla Oblongata
Which part of the nervous system regulates breathing?
Hind brain
Which subpart of the brain is located at the rear base of the skull?
Cerebral cortex
Conscious experience and voluntary actions are mediated by the ____
Left hemisphere
Broca's area is located in the _____
The are of the brain that controls the production of speech is the ____ area.
Occipital lobe
The area critical for processing visual information is the _____
Atomic nuclei of the cells
Magnetic resonance imaging is a technique that works by _____
The two halves of the cerebral cortex are called cerebral ____
Split brain
Cutting the corpus callosum results in a condition that is referred to as ___
Corpus callosum
What is the name of the large bundle of axons that connect the two halves of the brain?
Corpus callosum
Neurosurgeons can reduce the unbearable seizures some epileptics experienced by severing the _____
The cell body contains the _____which directs the manufacture of substances that a neuron needs for growth and maintenance.
Your relative has one of the outstanding characteristics of Alzheimer's disease, which is memory loss. In this individuals's brain there is insufficient production of the neurotransmitter.
Production of endorphins
Running has become a strategically important part of my life. After a good three miles, I begin to feel euphoric. This positive feeling stays with me most of the day. The runner may be describing
Body temperature
One of the important functions of the hypothalamus is _____
Changes personality
The three-foot-spike which damaged the Phineas gage's frontal lobe resulted in
Right side of the body
The left hemisphere of the brain moves ______
Limbic system
An electrode, which stimulates the brain in order to give pleasure is most likely placed in the ______.
The area of the cerebral cortex, which controls voluntary muscle movement, is the ______.
Actual potential
Another term that describes neural transmission is _____
A newly pregnant woman is warned by a doctor about teratogens. She does not know what these are and wants to look them up in a book. But is unsure where to look. You tell her that the teratogens named in your text include _____
Concern over ethics
You would expect an individual at a higher level of moral development to show an increased in _______
In Erikson's stage theory of development, the stages are known as____
Social emotional
Development psychologists study physical, cognitive, and ______ changes throughout the human life cycle.
Sensory motor
In Piaget's cognitive development theory, the _____ stage occurs during the period of infancy
Sensory motor
In which stage of cognitive development does the child coordinate sensations and motor movements?
Cannot see things from another perspective
Piaget's use of the term egocentric means that the child ___
Concrete operational
You notice that your kids are beginning to form friendship groups or cliques. From this, you could infer that your kids are now in which stage of cognitive development?
The process of sexual maturation that takes place at the beginning of adolescence is called ______.
Preoperational / concrete
According to Piaget, egocentrism is to conservation as the _____ stage is to the ____ stage.
2 years after
The average ages of the beginning and the peak of pubertal change in American males occur _____ those events in American females.
Puberty marks the onset of
Have high self esteem and are self reliant
Authoritative parents are likely to have children who _____
Formal thought
An adolescent who hypothesizes and speaks in terms of possibilities may well be functioning in the cognitive stage of _______.
Adolescent egocentrism
Juliet refuses to go to the dance because she has just developed a pimple on her chin and she is sure everyone will talk about it behind her back. Her behavior illustrates.
Continue to be active in meaningful activities
According to research, the happiest older adults are those who ______.
Monkeys were more attached to artificial mothers that were warm and soft
What did the Harlows (1958) discover in their classic study with baby monkeys.
Parents using the ____ parenting style give strict rules to their children with little discussion of the reasons for the rules
Richie's parent place no demands on him and they
Elise demonstrates a parenting style that encourages her children to be independent but still places limits on their behavior. Her parenting is _____
Assimilation / accommodation
Incorporating new information into existing theories is to ____ as modifying existing theories in light of new information is to _______.
Danette knows she is not at all like her parents. She could never be like them. She is her own unique person. Her style of dress, mannerisms and language emphasize her uniqueness. According to Erikson, Danette is attempting to establish ______.
The easy child generally has a positive mood. T/F
A newborn cannot imitate facial expressions. T/F
Your toddler has emerged into Plaget's preoperational stage of cognitive development. You now expect that she has acquired reversibility.
When you see the bright color and round shape of a tomato on the vine in your vegetable garden, smell it's sun - warmed frag
Sensory adaptation
You can't feel the waistband of your underwear (though you ....
Sensory adaptation
You go swimming in cold water... At first you are in agony.
Transduce Light
The main function of rods and cones is to ______
Blind spot in the optic nerve
Near the center of the retina there is a spot where there are no rods and no cones. This is because of a