9 terms

Ch.3 Tort Law D.T.

a private wrong committed by one person against another.
a person who commits a tort
intentional torts
actions that deliberately hurt, embarrass, or scare people
a tort that results when one person carelessly injures another.
proximate cause
exists when the link between the negligent conduct and the injury is strong enough to be recognized by law
contributory negligence
a defense against negligence whenever the defendant can show the victim did something that helped cause his or her own injures.
comparative negligence
a defense against negligence which is raised when the carelessness of each party is compared to the carlessness of the other party.
assumption of risk
a defense against negligence that is raised when the plantiff knew of the risk involved and still took the chance of being injured.
strict liability
a legal doctrine that says that some activities are so dangerous that liability will always follow any injury that reults from those activity