Finding Katahdin Chapter 4 Vocab

22 terms by jim_57

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the law making branch of government in England


person loyal to the British crown during the Revolutionary War


a lawmaking body within a government


to protest by refusing to buy or use certain items


a person who speaks or votes for a certain group of people


a group of citizens organized for military purposes


an economic downturn, a time of economic hardship




a person who lives on land owned by someone else


having to do with business or trade

status quo

the way things are, existing state of affairs


a person who believed that Maine should seperate itself from the government of Massachusetts during the late 18th early 19th centuries


a document that sets forth the basic laws of a state or nation and the rights of its citizens


late 18th early 19th century political party that supported low taxes and small government

Judicial Branch

branch of government that judges and interprets laws


to force into armed service


a member of the late 18th early 19th century political party that supported higher taxes and a more powerful central government


voter, member of the Electoral College

Executive Branch

branch of the government that ensures that laws are carried out

Legislative Branch

branch of the government that makes laws

disputed territory

area of land claimed whose ownership is unclear


a person, usually French speaking, or of French ancestry originating from Acadia

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