Nutrition - Chapter 4

2 carbohydrates
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Soluble fibers - dissolve in water and form gels are fermentable and lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease
Insoluble - do not dissolve, do not form gels and are less fermented - grains
Functional fibers - have beneficial health effects
Resistant starches - escape digestion and absorption in the small intestine of healthy people
Phytic acid - not a dietary fiber, found in rich fiber foods - found in seeds
Type 1 Diabetesless common, pancreas fails to produce insulin autoimmune disease - injection form medicineType 2 Diabetescells fail to respond to insuline - occurs because of obesitySugar Alcohols"sugar free" or reduced kcal - they occur naturally in fruits and begins - do not contribute to dental hygieneKetosisAn undersirable high concentration of ketone bodies in the blood or urineGluconeogenesis?Major role of carbohydrate in the diet...