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  1. Arenes
  2. Pentane
  3. Ethane
  4. Aldehyde
  5. Decane
  1. a 2 Carbons, C2H6
  2. b 10 carbons, C10H22
  3. c aka Aromatic Compounds, Cyclic structure with alternating double and single bonds
  4. d 5 carbons, C5H12
  5. e Double bonded O on END of chain

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  1. Compounds with same chem formula but different structures
  2. Double bonded O NOT on end of chain
  3. 8 carbons, C8H18
  4. 4 carbons, C4H10
  5. OH functional group, anytime OH is by itself use an OL ending eg. c-c-c-c-OH-c = 2-Pentanol

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  1. Saturated hydrocarbonsalkanes and cycloalkanes-hydrocarbons with no double or trible bonds


  2. AmideAt least 1 triple bond


  3. AlkaneOnly single bonds


  4. Carboxylic AcidAlkane in which carbon atoms are arranged in a ring


  5. AlkyneAt least one double bond


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