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  1. Alkene
  2. Carboxylic Acid
  3. Alcohols
  4. Octane
  5. Decane
  1. a At least one double bond
  2. b OH functional group, anytime OH is by itself use an OL ending eg. c-c-c-c-OH-c = 2-Pentanol
  3. c 8 carbons, C8H18
  4. d 10 carbons, C10H22
  5. e O=C-O-H, weak acids that can become conjugate donor pair

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  1. 5 carbons, C5H12
  2. 2 Carbons, C2H6
  3. At least 1 triple bond
  4. alkanes and cycloalkanes-hydrocarbons with no double or trible bonds
  5. aka Aromatic Compounds, Cyclic structure with alternating double and single bonds

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  1. Functional groupsarrangement of atoms responsible for characteristic properties and reactions


  2. Branched alkaneAlkane in which carbon atoms are arranged in a ring


  3. Esterformed by reaction between an acid and an alcohol with elimination of water, Double bonded oxygen and another oxygen single bonded to one carbon


  4. Nonane9 carbons, C9H20


  5. Butane4 carbons, C4H10