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  1. Alkyne
  2. Nonane
  3. Heptane
  4. Isomers
  5. Carboxylic Acid
  1. a O=C-O-H, weak acids that can become conjugate donor pair
  2. b 7 carbons, C7H16
  3. c At least 1 triple bond
  4. d 9 carbons, C9H20
  5. e Compounds with same chem formula but different structures

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  1. arrangement of atoms responsible for characteristic properties and reactions
  2. Double bonded O NOT on end of chain
  3. 1 carbon, CH4
  4. At least one double bond
  5. formed by reaction between an acid and an alcohol with elimination of water, Double bonded oxygen and another oxygen single bonded to one carbon

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  1. Hexane7 carbons, C7H16


  2. AlkaneAt least one double bond


  3. Propane3 carbons, C3H8


  4. Branched alkanecompound where carbons do not form a continuous chain


  5. Butane8 carbons, C8H18