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Library Cataloging Final Exam Study Guide


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the invisible part of library work
What is the technical services "department" of the library responsible for?
physical access, organization, systems for bibliographic control
What does Empowering Learners say about cataloging
among other things, the three rules for a dictionary catalog; providing understandable library access to all in a democratic society
What is Charles Cutter famous for
The organized set of bibliographic records that reflect the holdings of a collection
core elements
The 10 elements that must be included in the bibliographic description if they are applicable to the resource being cataloged and if they are available, as set forth in RDA
Cataloging in Publication
Dewey Decimal System
International Standard Book Number
International Standard Serial Number
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Subject Heading
Machine Readable Cataloging
Online Computer Library Center
Online Public Access Catalog
Resource Description & Access
Sears Subject Heading
Call Number of a nonfiction book
The classification number and shelf or book mark
Authority Control
Selection one form of a name, subject heading, etc as the acceptable, used form. Keeping records of the source of information used to establish it
Subject cataloging
Assigning subject headings to a work
See reference
Refers from unacceptable/unused to acceptable/used
See also reference
Refers to additional information
Dewey Decimal System
System of organizing knowledge by dividing into 10 main classes, with each class subdivided into sections. It is the most popular classification system in the world for libraries.
Sears List of Subject Headings
The most popular list of subject headings used in school libraries
Global search and replace
Feature of automated systems that allows you to easily update subject headings, etc. with a few key strokes. Used when subject headings change