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  1. Wood
  2. Break before discarding
  3. Hot oil manicure
  4. Nodule
  5. UV sanitizer
  1. a What is the BEST service to treat dry, split cuticles?
  2. b What should the nail technician do to the emery board after a manicure service?
  3. c The condition can be performed a pedicure is
  4. d This is NOT a type of nail form
  5. e This is not disinfect salon implements

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  1. To avoid ingrown toenails, the nails should be filed
  2. What can the client use for protection during an acrylic nails service?
  3. It should be included in a client consultation is
  4. The slits of tracks in the mail bed at the sides of the nail on which the nail grows are called
  5. Which implement should be used when cleaning under the free edge of the natural nail?

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  1. Nail moldA client appears with a previously yellow-green spot an artificial nail which has now turned black. What is the cause of the problem?


  2. From corner to centerFollowing disinfection, dry implements should be stored


  3. Repair or strengthenIt should be included in a client consultation is


  4. Bend the wrist and fingersThe function of the flexor muscles is to


  5. Starting the serviceA client consultation takes place before