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  1. Nodule
  2. A client makes an appointment to have a manicuring service for the first time. What should the manicurist do first?
  3. Repair or strengthen
  4. Grooves
  5. Cotton wrapped stick
  1. a The slits of tracks in the mail bed at the sides of the nail on which the nail grows are called
  2. b Which implement should be used when cleaning under the free edge of the natural nail?
  3. c Complete a client record
  4. d Nail wraps are used on natural nails or artificial tips to
  5. e The condition can be performed a pedicure is

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  1. The disease AIDS is caused by a
  2. What should the nail technician do before disinfecting implements?
  3. The part of the nail is embedded underneath the skin is
  4. The diseases are animal parasites responsible
  5. What should the nail technician do to the emery board after a manicure service?

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  1. The client has had a stokeHow much of the nail plate should be the well of the nail tip cover?


  2. Dry cabinet sanitizerThis is not disinfect salon implements


  3. Be referred to a physicianA base coat is usually applied


  4. Bend the wrist and fingersWhat is the effect of using oil on the nail and cuticle?


  5. NailThe extensor digitorum is a muscle of the