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  1. Wear protective gloves
  2. Acetone
  3. Quick repairs on natural nails
  4. 4
  5. Hot oil manicure
  1. a The client has evidence of fungus under artificial nails. What protective measure should the nail technician take when removing artificial nails?
  2. b What is the purpose of a paper wrap?
  3. c When removing artificial tips, what product would by used?
  4. d What is the BEST service to treat dry, split cuticles?
  5. e The epidermis contains how many layers?

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  1. The condition can be performed a pedicure is
  2. Complete a client record
  3. The extensor digitorum is a muscle of the
  4. When applying polish, which one of the following can be used to correct a smudge before applying more polish?
  5. During the consultation for a manicure, the nail technician should consider to

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  1. ScablesThe diseases are animal parasites responsible


  2. HyponichiumThe common name for tinea unguium


  3. RighwormThe common name for tinea unguium


  4. Before the color polishHow much of the nail plate should be the well of the nail tip cover?


  5. Dust maskA client appears with a previously yellow-green spot an artificial nail which has now turned black. What is the cause of the problem?