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Hydromorphone / Dilaudid

Opiate Analgesic

Imipenem / Primaxin

Carbapenem Antibiotic

Infliximab / Remicade

TNF alpha blocking agent

Ketorolac / Toradol


Labetalol / Normodyne

beta and alpha 1 blocker

Leucovorin / Leucovorin

Folic Acid Derivative

Levofloxacin / Levaquin

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic

Lidocaine / Xylocaine

Local Anesthetic

Lorazepam / Ativan


Mannitol / Mannitol

Osmotic Diuretic

Merperidine / Demerol

Opiate Analgesic

Meropenem / Merrem

Carbapenem Antibiotic

Methylprednisolone / Solu-Medrol


Metoclopramide / Reglan

Prokinetic Agent

Metoprolol / Lopressor

Beta blocker

Metronidazole / Flagyl


Mezlocillin / Mezlin

Extended Spectrum Penicillin

Midazolam / Versed


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