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Family groups with kids under 18 stats:

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The parenting role conflicts with the working role, and employers typically place work demands first.

Parents raise their kids in a pluralistic society sometimes characterized by conflicting values. Parents are only one of several influences on their children.

Parents influence their kid's health, weight, eating habit, intellectual abilities, and self esteem.
Parents are often sandwiched between caring for their children and their elderly parents

Parenting has become one lifestyle choice among many, and society-wide support has diminished for the child-raising role, once taken for granted as central

Parents are given full responsibility for successfully raising "good" children, but their authority is often questioned (ex. The state may intervene in parental decisions about schooling, discipline, etc.)
With little experience, many first-time parents abruptly assume 24-hour duty, caring for a fragile dependent. New parents report being bothered by the baby interrupting their sleep, work, and leisure time

Parents may become geographically distant from their own parents and other relatives who might give advice or help

Becoming a parent means less time spent relaxing together and declines in emotional and sexual relationships for parents

Employed parents must find quality childcare
"Should be" primary psychological parent, keep kids schedules in her mind and make sure they get there on time

Typically do engage in more hands-on parenting and take primary responsibility; even if mom works full-time

"Should" enjoy and intuitively know what to do

Some do not want to be involved or primarily responsible for daily care

May have to learn how to parent
What do we know about single mothers in terms of their median family incomes?Median family income is a lot lower than either married mothers or single fathers, and single mothers are more likely to live in povertyWhat do we know about single mothers and their creativity and resilience?Single mothers evidence creativity and resilience as they construct support networks to help with finances, housing, childcare, and other needs • Web-based support groups • CoAbode facilities for single mom house sharingtake financial responsibility and is actively involvednew good dadnonbiological fathers in the role of a father, such as stepfathersocial fatherHow do younger children seem to benefit from living with a social father?Compared to growing up in a single-mother household, younger children benefit economically from living with a social father, providing that he shares his financial resources with the family.How many families are led by single fathers and have married stay-at-home dads?Single fathers: among families with children under 18, 5% Married stay-at-home dads: 154,000biological father or adoptive fathers (less often) who do not live with one or more of their childrennonresident fathersare they always absentNo, they are not always absent. Many express love and genuine consideration for their children. The majority of nonresident fathers maintain some presence in their children's lives and provide them with various kinds of support, at least while the kids are young.What do children of all ages need? 1. 2. 3. 4.Encouragement, adequate nutrition and shelter, parental interest in their schooling, and consistency in rules and expectationsWhat are the four different parenting styles described by Baumrind ?want to be more of a friend than a parentpermissive indulgentmost popular/most effective. Fosters individuality, interdependence, warmth with kids, and individualityauthoritativeworst style, neglected both emotionally and authoritatively, leads to bad outcomes for the kidspermissive neglectfulfollow my rules, no negotiation at allauthoritarianWhat facts are helpful to recognize when parenting LGBT children? first 3All cultures and historical periods include individuals who have identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender American Psychological Association and American Pediatric Association do not consider being LGBT a psychological disorder LGBT may feel guilty about orientation, worried about responses, and fearful of discriminationlast 3Hiding one's sexual orientation can be extremely stressful and isolating The physical and mental health of LGBT youth is better when they feel social support Parents' acceptance of their child's sexual identity allows for open discussions about the child's dating relationships and related issues (dealing with prejudice, reducing change of HIV/AIDS).spanking (book def)hitting a child with an open hand without causing physical injury_____of fathers and ____ of moms had spanked their children during the week before the interview common in the US but has become less/more? popular over time (___% still spank)1/3, 44% less 70%Experts: spanking teaches kids a ______, that it is.... only negative when.... frequent spanking leads to...... and ..... problemsSpanking teaches children a "hidden agenda;" that it is alright to hit someone you love Only negative when kids see it as aggressive Frequent spanking leads to later behavioral and mental health problemsNever spank when ______ Always use a _____ American Academy of Pediatrics: ______ and _________• Never spank when angry • Always use a verbal explanationAmerican Academy of Pediatrics: ______ and _________ have called for....American Academy of Pediatrics: children under the age of 2 years old and adolescents should never be spanked and recommends that parents learn disciplinary methods other than spanking end to corporal punishment in schoolswho is spanked most often?Boys, especially under the age of 2Most likely to spank: gender: age: education: fam size:• Gender: moms • Age: younger • Education: less educated • Family size: bigger familyregion:Southern states most likely NE/W least likely Midwest in the middlereligion: income: • Parents who argue a lot with their children • Parents who live in relatively violent neighborhoods • Stress of first-time parenthood associated with spanking • Single mothers who become more seriously involved in a romantic relationship, whether with the biological father of their child or not, are more likely to spank their childrenThose with a fundamentalist religious orientation Low incomeWhat percent of U.S. grandparents are raising grandchildren?11%What accounts for (are the reasons for) a very large majority of grandparents families/grandfamilies?Unmarried parenthood, divorce or separation, poverty, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, abandonment, and incarcerationAbout how many children are in foster care in the U.S.? What are the two most common living arrangements for children in foster care? 1. ____ (__%) 2. ____ (___%)400,500 foster care kids in the US licensed foster parent's home (74%) nonrelatives (47%)what factors does optimal parenting involve?Supportive family communication involvement in a child's life and school private safety nets (support from fam and friends) adequate economic resources workplace policies that facilitate a healthy work-fam balance and support parenting in other ways as well safe and healthy neighborhoods that encourage positive parenting, school achievement, and reciporacal social support, society-wide policies that bolster all parents