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what is the first step when responding to an emergency situation?

assess the scene/situation

when do you insure that the scene is safe?

as soon as you see the victim

When is CPR required?

no pulse or breathing & unconscious

How long do you take for a pulse check?

min 5 secs and max 10 secs

what guidelines exist for AED use in chiildren under 8 years of age?

use adult pads,dose may be used if pediatric pads are not available

What is the depth of compression for an adult victim?

2 inches ( 5cm)

What is the compression ventilation ratio for 1 rescuer adult CPR?


Why is it important to compress the appropriate depth in CRP?

to cause circulation

How many compressions should be given in one minute for victims of any age for CPR?

at least 100

What can occur if breaths are given too quickly or with too great a volume?

you can put air in the stomach

What does the second rescuer do in CPR?

rescue breaths

what is the first step in using the AED?

turn it on

Does the first rescuer stop compressions as soon as the AED arrives?


where is hand placement for the CPR on an adult?

on the lower half of the breast bone

in a conscious choking victim who becomes unresponsive?

abdominal thrusts

what is the rate of ventilation(how many breaths per second) in a child who has a pulse but is not breathing?

every 3 - 5 seconds

what is the depths of compression for an infant?

1.5 inchs (4cm)

what is the depth of compression for a child?

1.5 inches (4ccm)

the visible rise of the chest with each rescue breath tells you what?

you are performing it correctly

the visiible rise of the stomach which rescue breathing could be a clue of waht?

you are incorrectly doing rescue breath

what is the compression ventillation ratio for 2 rescue infant CRP?

100 comp per minute breath evey 6 to 8 seconds

what is hand placement for rescue CPR on an infant?

thumbs in middle ,hands around infant

how is choking best relieved in a responsive infant?

5 back slaps and 5 chest thrusts

whiat is the chain of survival

early recognition, early defribulation,early EMS

what is the meaning of the initials CPR

cardiopulmonary resuscitation

what is the age range for an infant

under 16 months

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