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When was the Student Center built?
What dining options are there?
Au Bon Pain, Chick-Fil-A, API Trading Co., Olo Sushi, The Olive Branch, Outtakes C-Store, Papa John's and Starbucks
What is the Foy Help Desk?
An Auburn resource since the 1950s located at the main entrance of the Student Center
What has it been featured on?
"The Today Show" and "O, the Oprah Magazine"
What is the number?
(334) 844-4244
What else does it contain?
Student meeting rooms, study areas, game room, offices, food areas and other student uses near the center of campus
What is the Quad Center?
It originally served as a dining hall for the women of the Upper Quad when it was known as the "Women's Quadrangle"
What are the residence halls in the Upper Quad, co-ed by floor?
Broun, Little and Teague
What are the residence halls in the Upper Quad, co-ed by suites?
What are the residence halls in the Lower Quad, co-ed by floor?
Dowdell, Lupton and Glenn
What are the residence halls in the Lower Quad, co-ed by suites?
What are the all women residence halls in the Upper Quad?
Owen and Keller
Who is Spidle Hall named after?
Marion Walker Spidle, Dean of Home Economics for 28 years; she was inducted into the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame in 1997
What was the interior design program ranked?
First nationally in 2012, and fifth in 2013; it's been in the top ten for the past ten years
When was Ralph Brown Draughon Library built?
When was Mary E. Martin Hall built?
1910 and was financed with a generous gift from Andrew Carnegie and an endowment by the University
Who was it named after?
After being renovated in 1964, it was renamed after long-time librarian, Mary Eugenia Martin
What was it originally?
The original library
What was it one of the first buildings on campus to have?
Electricity and heated with steam
What are the Centennial Gardens?
Named to commemorate the existence of the first 100 years of our institution
What do the different colored bricks mark?
The 50-yard line of the football field where the first home game was played at Auburn in 1896 against Georgia Tech and won 45-0
When did Auburn play its first football game ever?
1892 in Atlanta against the University of Georgia; we won 10-0 and this was the first college football game played in the Deep South
When was the original Samford Hall constructed?
1859 as the first main building for the East Alabama Male College; affectionately known as "Old Main"
What happened to Old Main?
It burned down in 1887 and was reconstructed in 1888
Who was it named after?
(1929) Governor William James Samford, an Auburn alumnus and Alabama's 31st governor
What happened to the attic?
When the school formed a basketball team, it was converted into a court
What is interesting about the clock?
At noon every day it plays the fight song and it contains Roman numeral IIII instead of IV
When was the University Chapel built?
What is it?
The oldest public building in Auburn on its original site
What was it originally?
A Presbyterian church and it has had many uses from a Civil War hospital, YMCA "Hut" during WWI, classroom and theatre
What is it listed in?
The National Register of Historic Places
What religion does the chapel support?
All religions