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Oxidation type of reactions.

oxidation: makes a reactant more oxygen rich typically
What are the two types of reactants that oxidize alcohols and aldehydes?
Na2Cr2O7 and KCr2O7.
Na2Cr2O7 and KCr2O7 can oxidize what type 1, 2 and/or 3 alcohols and aldehydes to what?
1 alcohols to carboxylic acids. 2 alcohols to ketones. and aldehydes to carboxylic acids.
what is the difference between (Na2Cr2O7, KCr2O7) compared to PCC?
(Na2Cr2O7, KCr2O7) are stronger. they can oxidize alcohols and aldehydes to yield carboxylic acids. PCC can only oxidize 1 alcohols to aldehydes and 2 alcohols to ketones.
if you start w/ a 1 alcohol and use PCC as reagent what product does reaction stop?
yield up to aldehyde
if you start w/ 2 alcohol and use PCC what product is yield?
what type of compound does the Jones Reagent react w/?
Jones reagent reacts with alcohols. 2 secondary alcohol yields a ketone. 1 primary alcohol yields a carboxylic acid.